Help paying rent deposits in London | Find assistance with deposits and rent in advance in London

Several charities, councils and housing authority schemes in the greater London area can help families with paying their rent deposit. There are also resources, loans, bond guarantee and government schemes for damage or security deposits on a new flat or private accommodations. Families on a low income or benefits can get help from bonds, loans, and cash grants listed below.

Individuals may be able to get help from not-for profit organisations, many charities offer rent assistance, local councils, and there are also government affiliated agencies. Immigrants in London and asylum seekers can also get short term housing or rent deposit help.

While financial aid can be limited and not everyone will be eligible, most of the agencies will offer clients other support services. This can include referrals, assistance with completing applications for housing benefits, and information on legal rights and responsibilities of tenants. This will be in addition to any rent deposit schemes that may be provided.

The goal of most of the organisations in London is on homeless prevention and stability. Social workers want to help people sustain their accommodations. However, if you are already homeless and need housing, then there can be aid for paying security deposits or even rent in advance. There are even schemes that can help tenants move to a different borough, and find how the London housing moving scheme can assist.

Charities that provide deposit help

Not-for-profit organisations use government funds and private donations to assist the homeless. They can offer help in the form of rent deposit schemes in order to help someone move into the private sector. Specialists from the charities often have information on landlords in London that participate in bond guarantees for paying rental costs, and they will also offer tenants other support.

Causeway Irish Housing Association – Housing is arranged for those of Irish descent, mostly youth. Programmes provide security deposit schemes and other support. This may include resettlement, education, and employment resources. Most clients are on the verge of homelessness and can’t get help from social housing. Address: The Irish Centre, Pretoria Rd, London N17 8DX, Telephone – 020 8365 1751

CAYSH – Sustain Croydon – The charity focuses on the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the London area. Assistance is also on those individuals faced with homelessness and who are not assisted from other housing benefits.

Some of what may be provided includes an intake and assessment. Based on the results of that, guarantees for deposits are available as well as rent in advance programmes and schemes. Staff will also help with property inspection and even assist with education needs. Phone: 0208 760 5530

CAYSH Project Sutton is another charity. This agency is a little wider ranging in who they assist with their rent. Assistance is also for all of England and even Wales, so not just London. There may be schemes and support for people affected by domestic abuse, drugs, or alcohol. Youth and the currently homeless may also get help.

Qualified clients and landlords may receive bond guarantees from CAYSH. Other resources includes ongoing tenancy support, legal aid, aid for paying rent-in-advance due to the landlord, and more. Call 020 7833 7975.

Churches Action on Homelessness in Kingston – Many churches across London participate with this charity based organisation. A number of housing services, referrals, and advice is distributed.

  • They operate shelters and temporary accommodations for the homeless, including during the cold whether, and can even place people into hostels.
  • Resettlement services include information on deposit schemes or privately supported bonds to pay the rent on a new flat.
  • Crisis Intervention from the churches can provide information on welfare benefits, charities to contact for a security deposit, and other government resources or private schemes.
  • Many other benefits and services are available, however resources are always limited. Read Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness.

Connection at St Martin addresses homelessness in the city of London. Services are provided for the homeless, people sleeping rough, and those with housing problems. The organisation and its social support workers operate centres and provide outreach services from them. Advice is offered on rental deposits, how to apply for housing allowances, and other private schemes in the area. Find details on the housing services from St. Martin in London.

Crime Reduction Initiatives, or CRI, has several locations in London, as noted below. The charity helps the most vulnerable such as people affected by crime, rough sleepers, offenders, or the homeless. Clients can get help in applying for government benefits, rent schemes, and a variety of other support services.

  • 264 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JY, telephone – 07500 220 735
  • 332c Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7LQ, 020 7923 5329
  • 140-142 Kings Cross Rd, Kings Cross, Camden, London, WC1X 9DS, dial 020 7933 7971.

The town of Croydon Council uses welfare funds to help pay rent deposits too. Or they pay up to one month of rent in advance cost for housing in the private sector. It is a discretionary bond or grant scheme for the low income and residents on benefits. Continue with rent deposit help in Croydon.

A Private Rented Sector Scheme is offered by Deptford Reach. There are a few components to this service. The first is the use of a hostel, and once the individual is ready, they can apply for a bond guarantee for the rent deposit. The staff also have information on private sector housing in London for the low income. Learn how to apply for the bond schemes from Deptford Reach.

Doorstep Project is mostly for residents of Camden. They provide assistance to families that need to resettle from temporary accomodations or the homeless. The team at the charity offers both practical support and can signpost clients to deposit schemes and other assistance. Find housing assistance from Doorstep Homeless Families Project.

Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project focuses on northern London. The schemes from this charity are aimed at helping people move from a temporary accommodation, or the staff will help a homeless person locate a shelter. The drop in centre is the place to go for advice on rent deposit programmes and other housing support, and read more Finsbury Park housing assistance.

Hammersmith and Lulham Law Centre has a unit that focuses on housing needs. Solicitors in London will help with applications to deposit schemes, assist with applications to benefits, and offer other free legal assistance. There is also a Women’s Advice as well as refugee unit that assist these vulnerable groups with their rent deposit needs. More on housing advice from Hammersmith and Lulham Law Centre.

HART Barking and Dagenham Housing Advice Team is an agency that only assists people in the boroughs of Dagenham or Barking. A wide variety of individuals can get help with their housing needs, including single parents, the currently homeless, victims of domestic violence, and the disabled. The goal is to help clients live independently.

Numerous services are available, including financial aid to pay off rent arrears as well as applications for government housing benefits. Social workers want people to live independently, and the rent schemes offered can help make this happen. There also have referrals to other not-for profit agencies. John Smith House, Bevan Avenue, Barking, IG11 9LL, Phone: 020 8724 1798

Hope Worldwide provides rent schemes that are available for individuals with low income and support. They may contact this social service agency for referrals or direct help. Advisers will help with finding properties in the London area as well as applying for loans or community care grants. Financial aid includes rent schemes, payments of housing benefits, welcome packs, and of course a security deposit scheme. Address is Within St Marks Church, Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4PW, call 020 7713 7655

The London Centre of HOPE Worldwide offers assistance such as the Two Step programme and placement into temporary accommodations. Volunteers from the faith based charity also provide guidance in applying for rental deposits and other government housing allowances. They partner with churches, councils and landlords across London on many of their services. Read more.

Lift – Housing assistance is available from the volunteer and user-led not-for profit organization. It works directly with the homeless. Most of the clients are under the age of 35 and have low support needs. Support services include benefit maximization, signposting, and several emergency rental programmes are all available. Unit 2, Ajax House, 16a St. Thomas’s Road, London, NW10 4AJ, 0208 965 2561

New Horizon Youth Centre provides shelter for the vulnerable and young people. They operate daycentre in partnership with churches and other agencies, such as Alone in London. Information on deposit schemes and other referrals, including to soup kitchens, are for rough sleeping individuals. Many clients are single and homeless. The office is at 68 Chalton St, London, NW1 1JR. Call 207 388 5560 for information.

Penrose Housing Association can help ex-offenders apply for rent schemes and other housing benefits. There is also food, furniture programmes, budgeting loans, and more available. They provide support and information on the area and properties as well. Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA, telephone 020 7700 8132

Refugee Council only helps immigrants and refugees. The charity ensures immigrants have the same rights, including access to deposit schemes and other benefits that others get. Staff offer free legal support on responsibilities and rights for tenants, claims for housing benefits, security deposit guarantees to landlords, and even mediation on rent disputes if needed. Post – PO Box 68614, London, E15 9DQ, dial 020 7346 6700 for directions.

A homeless prevention charity known as Rhythm of Life is available across London. They are mostly involved in providing basic needs, but the organisation can link clients to rental deposit schemes as well as emergency shelters in the city. Other support is also provided too, and find more details on the Rhythms of Life programmes.

SHP and the rent schemes and support they offer helps hundreds of people per month maintain their accommodations. Applicants need to have decent record of past tenancy, but are maybe facing a onetime hardship. Assistance is also for Refugees in London.

As resources allow, the organisation and its staff give advice on setting up tenancy, information on deposit programmes and schemes, and will undertake a full assessment. There are also other benefits available, such as social housing, guarantees on rent in advance, and more. 245 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8QY, or call the agency at 020 7520 8660.

Short term housing is available across the London boroughs. Dozens of organisations, many of which are churches, provide emergency shelter. This is also combined with placement into another site, such as a hostel. During the stay advice is given on everything from applying for benefits to saving money for a deposit and more. Locate shelters and housing in London.

Siloam Community Services arranges a number of programmes for London families that were homeless in the past. The team at the charity have a drop in centre in which client’s can access the Floating Support Scheme. This can not only place the person into housing, but also help them apply for benefits or a rent deposit from a local council. Read more on the housing schemes from Siloam.

Spear London – The not-for profit offers people in priority need a rent deposit scheme. Assistance is for single people, low income families, and the homeless in the greater London County area, including Richmond upon Thames.

The agency offers homeless and eviction prevention services, rent in advance and security deposit schemes, and other support for tenants in the private rented sector. There may even be guarantees of landlords of up to 2 months’ worth of rent. There is even a resettlement team to offer advice on other housing benefits. The Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ, 020 7036 9771. More information on SPEAR is available. Click here Spear Housing and deposit help.

St Giles Trust – Schemes are for women under the age of 35, including ex-offenders, the homeless, or evicted. Receive assessment of needs, financial aid for rent or housing needs, and other support services such as legal aid. Post is 64-68 Camberwell Church Street, London, SE5 8JB, Telephone – 020 7703 7000. Read more St. Giles deposit schemes.

There is another centre is Waltham Forest. They also support women that have no fixed abode, as well as help other low income residents with a deposit. Assistance may be provided by the Social Fund or other schemes. Call the council to get information on housing and rent schemes that are available, as well as other aid for the vulnerable or women that are in the area. Find more on the Social Fund in Waltham Forest.

Thamesreach Hostel Diversion PRS Service works with partners such as Lewisham Council. This agency helps seniors and people over the age of 35. Referrals are needed. Individuals can get up to 4 months of rent payments and other types of resettlement support. Other services include job placement, referrals to floating support, and information on government grants. The Employment Academy, 29 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UA. The telephone number is 020 7702 4260, and call for enquires.

Other housing services are also provided by Thames Reach. Not only may the organisation have information on financial aid, but they also are involved in running several temporary housing programmes. Read more Thames Reach.

The NextDoor Project – This charity was created to help those tenants that have been impacted by a cut to their housing benefits. Staff advocate on behalf of low income families, and they may also be able to offer direct financial aid or referrals as well. Resources include a private renters scheme for paying deposits, temporary accommodations, referrals to rent in advance programmes, and counselling. Continue with NextDoor Project housing and scheme services.

Vision Housing provides shelter, housing, and schemes to pay the rent on those accommodations. Assistance is for the disabled, people with mental health issues, and substance abuse. In additional to deposit schemes and other housing benefits, clients can access rehabilitation and employment services. Other tenant support services, applications for community grants, and landlord – tenant mediation is also available.

While vulnerable people can be assisted, the focus is on ex-offenders in the city. Vision Housing will partner with prison services to provide clients housing and access to rental deposit assistance as well as other tenancy support. Address is 150A Falcon Road, Clapham Junction, London SW11 2LW. Phone is 0207 924 6727, or find help from Vision Housing.

West London Churches Homeless Concern – The charity organisation runs shelters and provides services in the western portion of the city. Volunteers and advisors also have information on schemes for paying a deposit to resettle the homeless. Other advice available can include referrals to social services, job training, and information on housing benefits or local rent payment programmes. More on West London Churches Homeless Concern.

Grants can be provided by the Wimbledon Guild, and the funds from the charity are used for various housing expenses. Any assistance will be a small amount, but the money can be approved for rent deposits or moving costs. Depending on need and the applicants overall financial condition, the grants from the guild can also help with furniture, clothing, and related household items. Find more information on the Wimbledon Guild Small Grants Programme.

Rent deposit schemes from councils in London boroughs

The homeless and vulnerable can also contact a council or housing authority in their borough. Each area has their own housing services, and these agencies will assist people with a local connection. They can also be a source of referrals to other London based housing services.

Families on a low income and the homeless in Barnet Borough have both government rent deposit schemes as well as charities to ring for help. There is the Crisis Fund, Barnet Homes, a Homeless Association, and other options. Find a list of rent deposit schemes in Barnet.

Residents in Ealing have access to a welfare scheme that provides assistance with housing problems. All aid from the council is for either a rent deposit or it can assist those tenants threatened with homelessness by assisting with resettlement or an arrears. The specialists that processes applications will also offer budgeting and other advice as part of the Ealing local welfare assistance scheme.

Greenwich Borough tenants and the homeless can apply for rent deposit bonds from HACTRAC. This council scheme will not only guarantee the rent deposit on private housing (not council properties) but the government can also help residents locate a flat or home to live in. Housing Inclusion Service. More information on rent deposit help and bonds in Greenwich Borough.

Hackney borough has 4 government as well as not for profit schemes as well as charities that offer deposit help. Schemes include bonds, loans, and partners such as Hope Worldwide. Read more on Hackney rent deposit help.

Havering has an emergency scheme. It is run in partnership with DABD and local credit unions, and the council may approve funds to be used for paying a deposit on an approved private property or a portion of rent in advance. Other aid is provided as well to the low income in the borough. Read more Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme.

Individuals in the Hounslow Borough can enquire into a rental deposit scheme. The aim of the council is to help the homeless and housing vulnerable in their district. There are also assistance provided to those with a local connection that are covered by the UK’s homelessness legislation. Enquires to this scheme can be made by calling 020 8583 3842, or stop by the Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 4DN. Advisors will help those that drop in or that have appointments, and find more details on Hounslow crisis payments.

The central government provides emergency funds to councils across all boroughs in London. The money is part of a local loan scheme, and some councils allw the funds to pay rent deposits. There will be repayment terms, application processes, and applicants need to have some source of income. Find deposit help from government crisis loans.

Lambeth Home Finder Guarantee Scheme will help both tenants as well as landlords. There is financial help to pay the rent deposit (for prospective tenants) as well as help for landlords (in finding tenants or repairing damage to the property). Find rent deposit help from Lambeth Home Finder Guarantee Scheme.

Local welfare or emergency support schemes are provided in almost all of the 32 boroughs in London. They are run by each council, and the housing teams at each centre will decide what the funds are used for. Some of the schemes will help the low income with a deposit on a new home or flat in the private sector, and other councils will offer assistance with any rent in advance payments. The terms of each scheme vary, and deposits are not always covered, but they can be an option. Read emergency welfare schemes.

The Merton borough is covered by a council scheme that provides help with rent in advance that may be due as well as security or holding deposits. Applicants will need to contact the Housing Options Team at 020 8545 3636 for enquires. An assessment will need to take place. If not eligible for the Merton rent deposit scheme, the council will provide referrals to other local programmes.

Vouchers or funds from the Redbridge Council can be used for paying rent in advance if the applicant is threatened with homelessness. The district has taken over the Social Fund that was provided by the central government and used those grants to create the Emergency Support Scheme. Residents of Redbridge can get help with housing payments, including deposits, appliances for a new home, and other support in a crisis. Call the council at 020 8591 9705, of find more information on the Redbridge Emergency Support Scheme.

Southwark families can receive assistance with their housing problems. The council, partnering with other local organisations, provides a rent deposit guarantee scheme for landlords in the borough. This can be used to pay for any rent in advance that is due or other types of deposits. Those who rent from the private sector can also receive free advice on any challenges from the Southwark council, which can be called at 020 7525 5950.

There are a few services provided by the Tower Hamlets Council. They include budgeting loans (which need to be repaid) as well as a rental deposit scheme. The funds for these are limtied, and the council will give priority to certain people. If needed, they can also help resettle a family or individual that is on a low income to other boroughs in London or even other districts in England. Find more on rent deposit help in Tower Hamlets borough, or call the council at 020 7364 7474.


Suhail Sif says:

Hi, my name is Sam. I’m 20 years and I live in London on my own in a studio flat. I moved out of foster care 7 months ago into my place, when I moved into my place. I applied for housing benefits as well as a bond for my deposit as I’m in full time education they should cover most of my rent and that’s what my social worker and housing officer told me to do as well.
Was applying for deposit help over 3 months then I got told housing benefits does not cover my postcode and I need to apply for universal credit. I did that everything is fine now they pay for most of my rent. About a month ago I get a phone call saying I need to pay the 3 months debt which came up to £1640 and I don’t have that or family to help and I just want to focus on my education, plus because I’m in introduction tenant I can’t have over a penny to prove I can live on my own so they told me I will get kicked out in 3 weeks if I don’t pay.
My life has been so rough and me being in this situation is almost making me give up as I had to do a lot to get here in London, get out of care and get my place and I’m not like everyone my age. This deposit is greatly needed. Having no parents or family to help makes it difficult, there is no one for me I don’t know what to do.

Jane Morton says:

I privately rent and the agents (Hamways LTD Oxted) on behalf of the landlord has asked for a deposit of £3100.00 on the new tenancy agreement. The rent is 1500.00 pcm and they are currently holding a deposit of £1300.00.
I have lived here 16 years. The flat is unfurnished I’m not in rent arrears and haven’t been. I have been a good and reliable tenant- it a shorthold tenancy agreement two of us would be signing the new agreement. We can’t afford this deposit and are potentially going to become homeless.
We both work and that would equally jeopardise this if we become homeless. Is there anyone I can contact? I live in the Camden borough of London.
We just make rent and things are tight financially. Can we apply for any kind of social loan with regards to the additional deposit and is it legal to ask for such an excessive deposit. I have said I could move/relocate in May to June but work commitments make it impossible before that time.