South East England

Local aid can be found through agencies and organisations that serve each district of South East England.


South East England map

  1. Berkshire


  1. Buckinghamshire
    • South Bucks
    • Chiltern
    • Wycombe
    • Aylesbury Vale
  2. Milton Keynes

East Sussex

  1. East Sussex
  2. Brighton and Hove
  1. Hampshire
  2. Southampton
  3. Portsmouth
  4. Isle of Wight
  5. Kent
  6. Medway
  7. Oxfordshire
  8. Surrey
  9. West Sussex


leila says:

I’m behind on my rent and don’t know what to do. I’m on JSA as I lost my job in March in Southeast England and I receive housing but with my JSA and housing put together it still doesn’t cover my rent. I also need water, gas, electric and food.

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