Free food banks Manchester | Get free food in Manchester

Families and individuals on a low income across the greater Manchester area can get assistance from food banks. There are several centres in the region, many of which are operated by charity organisations or not-for profits. Some of the locations are also run in partnership with churches.

The eligibility requirements of each foodbank will vary. Some centres require vouchers and others will help people that just drop in. The hours will also vary, and some locations are only open a couple days or so per week.

Using donations from the community, the food banks may have free soups, rice pudding, pasta sauce, tinned items, meat, or other grocery items. Some sites serve hot meals as well, including to the homeless in Manchester. Volunteers and social workers from the organisations may also be able to refer vulnerable people to other government programs or benefits as needed. Please do notate any surplus food to a local bank.

The main locations in the Manchester area are below. If you or your family are facing hunger, call or stop by a food bank for support. Staff will help as many people as possible. For Manchester families that can’t make it to a distribution centre (or older people or the disabled), there is free Meals on Wheels for delivery.

Locate a food bank at a church

There are several sites that are run by church groups. Volunteers sort and pass out emergency boxes of food, canned goods, and even perishable items to those facing poverty.

The Church of God of Prophecy is one location. They will have emergency boxes of food, pudding, and meals for seniors and the homeless. The telephone number is 07773 119855, or stop by the church as 300 Moss Lane, East Moss Side,Manchester, M14 4SS.

A food bank for Chorlton and Didsbury is provided by Christ Church Hall. The address is Darley Avenue, West Didsbury, M20 2ZD. For information, call 07938 191 038. This charity location is run in partnership with other churches and local charity organisations.

Fallowfield and Withington and Union Baptist Chapel. The organisation can help the homeless and vulnerable. Examples of emergency food includes Tea Bags, Sugar, Long-life Fruit Juice, and free soup. Based at 2b Wellington Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6EQ. For hours of the centre, call 07411 077654.

St Mary’s Church supports the greater Droylsden and District. The site is at Church Street, Droylsden, M43 7BR. Call 07473 452813 for hours of this free food bank. They also provide debt counselling services, housing assistance, and other aid to the needy in addition to the parcel of food.  Find details on St. Mary’s Church programmes.

Working with local churches, the Independent Compassion Food Bank is a drop in facility. It is available for for the homeless and low income. The centre serves as a place for free food or meals in an emergency. People can receive up to three days’ worth of assistance. Telephone – 07773119855.

Trafford South Foodbank has multiple sites. One key partner is Saint Alban’s Church. There are other locations of the charity in Timperley, Sale Moor, Sale, and Altrincham, among other locations. For one centre, the address is Lindsell Road, Altrincham , WA14 5NX.

Other places for free food and meals in Manchester

Barnabus is a charity that runs a Drop-In Centre. The location can help with basic needs, ranging from clothing to providing free parcels of food or groceries. People that use the centre are often living in poverty or may be homeless, so the organisation will try to assist in any way possible, and that will include emergency food, hot drinks, and more. Find assistance from Barnabus.

Food vouchers from Bolton Local Welfare Provision – The council can provide emergency, one-off aid to families that are out of options and facing hunger. A combination of vouchers or other assistance, such as a pre-paid card, can be used to help the family obtain a free food parcel or meal. Call them at 01204 333 333, or read more Bolton Local Welfare Provision.

Brentwood Middleton Day Centre – The charity serves free meals, including at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a holiday food service from the organisation. For clients that need longer term support, referrals can be given to food banks and other programmes. Learn more on the assistance from Brentwood Middleton Day Centre and how they assist the hungry.

Food for the homeless is a focus of the Booth Centre. This location focuses on the people sleeping rough and the homeless. It is located at Manchester Cathedral. Advice, health programmes, food, Christmas meals, and referrals to housing is offered. Telephone number is 0161 835 2499.

Caritas is an organisation of churches and faith based groups that provide support, including free food and clothing, to people in poverty. The organisation will also signpost clients to other local schemes and government programmes that can help families and the vulnerable with food and hunger prevention. Learn more on Caritas of Salford services.

Compassion Foodbank is based at Moss Side, Manchester. Volunteers can also help with signposting and offer referrals.

Cornerstone Day Centre partners with the Trussell Trust on a food bank for people local to Manchester. There is assistance only for those with a voucher, and they can be given up to 3 days of emergency tinned or fresh food (for free) as well as advice and signposting. Find a listing of services from Cornerstone Day Centre for families on a low income.

FareShare is run by EMERGE Recycling. They operate from Units E1-7, New Smithfield Market, Whitworth Street East, Openshaw, Manchester, M11 2WJ. The centre can help those in poverty. Some of the clients are the homeless, unemployed, asylum-seekers, and children. EMERGE provides food to local charities, churches, and organisations. They also serve meals, such as breakfast, to children. Phone number is 0161 223 8200.

FoodCycle meal site and distribution centre relies on volunteers. Meals are served at The Roby, 307 Dickenson Rd, Manchester, M13 0NG. The people from the greater Manchester community help the group serve free meals to the community.

The Longsight Centre may have free canned products, vegetables, rice, and other food items for low income families. The address is Command Prayer Centre, Richmond House, 11 Richmond Grove, Longsight, Manchester, M13 0LN.

Maybe the main organisation in the county is the Central Foodbank of Manchester. They operate from a few locations. Churches and the Manchester Universities’ Catholic Chaplaincy help run this regional food bank. Clients will usually need a voucher from a social service agency in order to get help or referrals.

  • Manchester Universities’ Catholic Chaplaincy, Avila House. 335-337 Oxford Road, M13 9PG.
  • Longsight Centre. The location is Command Prayer Centre, Richmond House, 11 Richmond Grove, Longsight, M13 0LN. Stop by for canned goods and perishable fruits and goods if you have a voucher.
  • Ardwick Centre is another option. Call a specialist at the Central Food Bank for referrals.

Methodist Action can be turned to for emergency food. The charity offers many other programmes as well to Manchester area families in poverty, ranging from advice to shelter. Some of the meals and food bank resources are available in partnership with other groups such as Places for People or St. Vincent de Paul Society. Read Methodist Action low income services.

Middleton area is served by the Lighthouse Project. This is the Central Foodbank for people and families. Many have had their government benefits cut and are struggling with paying their bills. The address is Ground Floor Warwick Mill, Oldham Road, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1AZ. Stop or call for hours of distribution. More information on the Lighthouse Project services.

Mustard Tree is a Manchester charity may have free emergency food, meals, and clothing to the homeless. Many other services are provided to, including around housing. They also operate a soup run that provides free hot meals, including at Christmas. The telephone number is 0161 228 7331, or learn more on the Mustard Tree programmes in Manchester.

Oasis Centre runs many services for the low income and Manchester families in poverty. A cafe serves meals, and during that time frame, the guest can learn about benefits available to them. The centre also offers vouchers for parcels of food, education services such as English For Everyone, and other practical support. Find more details on help from Oasis Centre.

Porch Boxes of Radcliffe can be reached at 0161 724 5696. The charity helps hundreds of individuals each month. The assistance is for those families with no other access to food that are out of options, and live in Bury or Rochdale. Referrals are provided as well.

Offering both canned goods and perishable food items, the Manchester Salvation Army provides many social services as well as advice. Much more is available, including clothing, a soup kitchen and other social support services. Churches help the vulnerable in partnership with the charity. Location is 71 Grosvenor St, Manchester, United Kingdom, telephone: 44 161 273 2081. Or locate other social services from the Manchester Salvation Army centres.

Rochdale is served by local food banks that supply nonperishable food items for needy families. A referral may be necessary to receive a voucher which may be redeemed for a parcel. Times vary by location. Addresses and telephone contact information are available for these Rochdale food bank centres.

In addition to the food distribution centres that focus on Rochdale, the council also can apply assistance as part of the Discretionary Crisis Fund. They can award families on a low income with vouchers or other forms of support, and the resident can then receive a free box of groceries or other perishable items from a food bank using the grant. The assistance from the council can also address other needs, ranging from clothing to white goods. Find more details on the Discretionary Crisis Fund in Rochdale.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul offers three main schemes in Manchester. One is either meals or free food for vulnerable families on a low income. Many senior citizens also use the programme. The churches that are part of the charity can also offer clothing, furniture, and home delivery services too. Many volunteers work at the organisation, and learn how to get food from Manchester location of St. Vincent de Paul.

Salford borough residents can apply for welfare and food vouchers from the Discretionary Support Scheme. The council created this in an effort to help people facing poverty and that have a one time crisis. Assistance can be provided in the form of a referral or voucher to one of the many foodbanks in the Manchester area, and the client can then use it for perishable items, tinned meats, and other support. Furniture, household goods, and even fuel bills can also be addressed, and more on the Salford Discretionary Support Scheme.

SIFA Fireside has dozens of volunteers that serve hundreds of meals per day, including at holidays. The low income can receive breakfast or a hot lunch, and the specialists will also signpost the client to food banks across West Midland. More on SIFA Fireside programmes.

SLAS – Stockport Welfare Scheme can help in some situations. The emergency programme can provide free food or vouchers to the needy that are on a low income, if the crisis is one time only. The council processes applications for this, and even if an award is not issued, the staff have information on free food banks as well as soup kitchens in the greater Manchester area. Read Local Assistance Scheme in Stockport.

Stretford foodbank, which is located at 107 Barton Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 9AF, provides assistance to the disadvantaged and elderly. There may be holiday meals or food boxes, tinned tomatoes, coffee, and more. Vouchers are needed.

Tameside families can get help in an emergency from the Support for Independent Living scheme. The council can offer essential items, and one part of the welfare programme can include providing food. In most cases, the applicant will be awarded a voucher to a local food bank, and the scheme has assisted many people threatened by a crisis. Read Support for Independent Living scheme.

There are a few not-for-profit Trussell Foodbank locations in Manchester. The organisation works with churches and charities. They rely on donations from the community and super markets. The Trussell Trust as well as Citizens Advice Bureau and Social Services are partners on this programme. Up to three days of free food, rice, meats, non-perishable food, Christmas meals and more is passed out to Manchester area families. Those facing poverty and the low income can get assistance. Vouchers are needed from applicants.

  • Salford Central Foodbank. The centre is based at Christ Central Offices, 1 Mocha Parade, Lower Broughton, Salford , M7 1QE, Telephone – 07583 256787
  • Hazel Grove Baptist Church, Station Street, Hazel Grove, Stockport, SK7. Call this centre at 0161 487 3370 for information.

City of Manchester Welfare scheme will address hunger and assist with providing free food. Most of the applicants for this programme will be provided a voucher, which many people can also refer to as a grant. Local food banks in the county will assist families or individuals on a low income, and provide them groceries, fruits, pudding, and more. it total they can get up to seven days worth of food if they have a voucher from the Manchester Welfare Fund Scheme.

Residents of Trafford can receive vouchers or free food from the welfare scheme known as Assist. Using the assistance provided by the council, the low income family can receive groceries or an emergency parcel of food from a supermarket or other centres in the city or greater Manchester area. The council can also provide clothing, household items, and more to clients, and find how to apply to the Trafford Assist Welfare scheme and the services it provides.