Low cost Meals on Wheels | Free home delivery of meals in UK

The local and national Meals on Wheels providers in the United Kingdom will offer home delivery to people of all backgrounds and incomes, including the elderly. One aim of the organisations near you as well as councils that may also run them is to help the vulnerable, such as senior citizens, the elderly and people with a physical disability. Find Meals on Wheels eligibility requirements, as the free or low cost service will benefit those that can’t make prepare their own meal or make it to a supermarket or restaurant on their own. Many elderly and disabled benefit from the charity programmes.

Meals on Wheels eligibility rules can be set by councils, private organisations, or charities, and they operate in most parts of the UK. The oldest and largest provider is the Royal Voluntary Service, but individuals have many other companies to select from, so they can shop around for the lowest prices. There are also some councils that will provide the home delivery of a hot meal for free to vulnerable families that have a local connection to that area.

Services provided as part of free Meals on Wheels near you

Each provider will offer different types of food and perishable goods, and the menu will be extensive. They will be healthy and meet dietary needs, especially for older people as well as the elderly. The food can be hot, or frozen meals can be delivered too. Some providers even deliver special Christmas meals to the low income that would otherwise go without during the holiday season. A menu will always be available for consumer to select from, and the items will be healthy and balanced. The Meals on Wheels service in the UK may be free, or some seniors or disabled are charged a minimal price. However anyone can donate – funds are also needed.

Not only will a meal be delivered, but the drivers or volunteers that do this will also stop in the check on the client. They will provide brief company, and also ensure the elderly person is healthy, safe, warm, and has their needs met. So the Meals on Wheels providers offer different types of assistance across the UK.

Organisations that deliver the free meals in the UK

It is recommended to call your local council near you, and some will delivery a meal for free to the vulnerable that are found to be eligible. If they do not offer this home delivery service, then other Meals on Wheels providers are below, and these are the largest and most established. There can be other agencies as well, and local Citizens Advice Bureau or councils can sometimes provide referrals to them.

Royal Voluntary Service is the nation’s largest, and they deliver over two million, affordable hot or frozen meals per year. The organisation provides the service on behalf of many local councils, and they are also a member of the Malnutrition Task Force. The driver will not only bring the healthy meal to the home between 11:45am to 1:45 pm, but they also visit the older person or to ensure they are safe and secure. Call them at 0845 608 0122, and they cover England, Wales, and all of Scotland too.

As noted, many councils or local government authorities may often run their own Meals at Home service, and some agencies will offer this as a free benefit to people in a crisis or the elderly. Residents should call their local centre or CAB office and refer to this programme. They tend to be more flexible and deliveries are made on certain days, or they may bring a frozen meal if that is easier.

The assistance provided can range from helping people that are coming home from the hospital or that are facing a medical crisis. Other councils may only help the disabled or people with a mental illness. The aim is to supply low cost or maybe even free ready-made meals to people can live independently in their own home, and volunteers may deliver the goods directly to the person’s home or flat.

Love Food Ready Meals operates in both England and Wales. They prepare their meals using healthy ingredients and do not add preservatives or artificial items. Call them at 01903 204 299 for the free delivery service that is provided.

Apetito, which owns the Wiltshire Farm Food brand, is an organisation that works with many councils and local authorities to deliver meals 365 days per year to people with a disability or older residents. They do provide the service at a low cost to both the government authorities they partner with and families that are in poverty or are on a low income, and the aim is to help people continue to live independent in their own home.

The Meals on Wheels drivers from Apetito will also provide other support to the vulnerable, such as check on their health. They also aim to assist people that have just come out of the hospital or that are diabetic. Other initiatives are also provided by the organisation in partnership with councils, and the organisation is also committed on helping the poor and vulnerable. For more information on their service, ring 01225 753 636.

Exmoor Heat and Eat Kitchen is an option, though they offer food to all people and may not be a low cost provider. They will tend to have healthier offering, such as free range ingredients. The telephone number for their Meals on Wheels programme is 01271 342402.

Oakhouse Foods delivers frozen food, boxes of groceries and meals. Anyone can use the services from the company, though a large percentage of clients are elderly. The food items served will meet dietary needs, whether someone needs low salt, vegetarian, or even gluten free food or grocery items. To make an enquiry into their Meals on Wheels service, call 0800 917 9338.

Those are some of the leading providers of home delivery services in the UK. Each Meals on Wheels assistance programme near you sets their own eligibility and UK residents need to apply. Individuals, especially older people, should also contact their council for more information on Meals on Wheels and referrals to organisations that provide this.