Stockport emergency help from Local Assistance Scheme

The Stockport council provides emergency assistance to the low income that are in a crisis, and the welfare scheme can be considered to be a form of safety net. While the council can help, any funds or support is discretionary, and since funds are limited the aim is to help people facing a safety or health threat.

After applying, and if the council decides to proceed with offering assistance, the family will be given an award from the Local Assistance Scheme. There will more than likely some type of non-cash assistance provided, such as a pre-paid card for fuel bill arrears, warrants for local travel or a voucher to a local food bank in Stockport. Other support may be awarding the applicant the goods directly, such as a bed or cooking equipment. More information on what may be awarded is below.

Application process for welfare scheme

Families will need to apply online, and there are internet access points at the council office or other locations in Stockport, such as the library. Proof of income as well as the crisis is required, and all applicants need to be age 18 or over. This is a requirement of the application process. There is also priority for the most vulnerable or those under exception pressure, such as elderly or women fleeing domestic violence. Other clients can be the disabled and those with a medical issue.

The financial aid is a last resort, and residents need to have applied to other charities or asked family or friends for help with their bills and living expenses. Proof is required as well. After this, in order to apply for the Stockport Local Assistance Scheme (SLAS), contact the council centre below.

Keep in mind there is a focus on people with no access to food or groceries, or those that have a need for emergency travel. There is another priority on parents that need assistance for their children or babies. So the more dire the situation, the more likely to receive help from SLAS, if other conditions are met.

The council will need to verify the information on the application, and they will use data points such as DWP information and other sources. They will verify household type, age and benefit/income status of the applicant. Individuals allying for the scheme also need to be local to the city. Any fraud will be addressed by the Stockport council.

Awards or vouchers from Local Assistance Scheme in Stockport

First, funding is limited and the council can’t help everyone that needs it. Priority is for those in a health or safety crisis, and examples may be lack of food, homelessness, or heat disconnection during the winter. The scheme can help by placing people temporary accommodation or assist them so they continue to live independently.

The fund is targeted, so all applications are reviewed by the authorities, and each person is treated fairly. The council will not discriminate, and even if someone is not given an award, referrals may be provided to other government programmes or schemes. This is done as the council wants to ensure people continue to live independently.

  • Furniture can be provided from SLAS, and this may be bedding or white goods.
  • Heating needs, such as appliances or a pre-paid card for fuel bills.
  • Clothing and food, mostly from vouchers.
  • Referrals to other safety net programmes is available as well.

For more information or to apply, the council has computers at Edward St , Stockport. SK1 3UR. Or ring 0161 474 2101.


mrs donna jackson says:

Hi, I am in great need of some help and advice regarding my rent arrears for my flat in Stockport. I do work part time but am finding it difficult to pay the arrears on top of the short fall in my monthly payment, and I am wondering if the local scheme will help me. It is causing me stress and I don’t know what to do got me and my family.

Craig Walton says:

I have recently received my universal credit which had the benefit cap and 200 pound advance payment. I had a credit deducted which has left me unable to pay my rent. I have other debtors that I am getting more in debt with.
Can you advise me on who I can contact to ask for support as I don’t now who to contact. I also applied for help with Stockport local assistance. I need a cooker and double bed as we are without. You referred us to credit union but nobody has contacted us since. Please could you advice is on what’s happening with my claim. Thank you Craig Walton.

Bridie says:

Who can help my landlord has came to me and told me I’m in arrears £50 a week isn’t going to bring it down and it’s making me poorly stress I’ve had a baby 9 weeks ago the last thing I need is stress to trigger anything I am a hard worker but am on maternity I’m barely scraping by I’ve other children have to pay dinner money for and now three uniforms to buy and I’m struggling badly what forms do I fill out who can help me ??