Free food banks Bristol | Get free food in Bristol

Free parcels of food, both perishable and tinned items, can be provided by several churches and food banks across Bristol. There are several locations for the vulnerable and low income to try for help. Referrals to them can be provided by your local social worker or council, as most of the foodbanks will require the client to have a voucher to use the centre.

People that need help should seek a referral from a social worker, council, or care professional in their town or city. There are several places to go for this, and some of the examples include the Bristol Citizens Advice Bureau, not-for-profits such as Second Step, Leaving Care Company, or even the British Red Cross. If the person is found to be qualified for help, they can be provided with free food to last for a few days or maybe up to a week. The bank may have puddings, canned fruits or vegetables, tinned items, and other items.

Many of the foodbanks in Bristol are run by churches or other charities. They use volunteers from the community to collect and sort the food items. So the exact items provided to families on a low income will change, and some centres may also serve free meals too. They also really on fund raisers and donations from the community in an effort to raise items. Please do donate or volunteer at one of the churches if possible.

Free food from charities in Bristol

The Community Centre of Easton is a place for the vulnerable to contact. There is a food bank on site that can help those that have had a reduction in their government benefits. Not only can parcels of emergency food be provided, but the Easton Centre can also provide advice. The address is Kilburn St, Bristol, Avon BS5 6AW, and people with a referral can give them a ring at 11795 41409.

Food vouchers are provided from the crisis and prevention fund that was created by the city Council. Using government funds, and in partnership with charities and not-for-profits, the city will help the vulnerable by issuing vouchers to foodbanks, clothing centres and free meal distribution sites. Aid is for children, the elderly, and people with a one time emergency, and read more on the Bristol crisis fund.

Crisis Centre Ministries operates a soup kitchen called Wild Goose Cafe. This locate serves breakfasts and lunches each day of the week. Also, the volunteers at the cafe can either provide a voucher to a food bank, or signpost them to an agency that can do that. Learn how to find help from Crisis Centre Ministries for everything from free groceries to benefits and more.

Government vouchers are provided for free food as part of the Bristol Welfare scheme, also called Crisis and Prevention assistance. Applications are needed and are assessed on a one off basis. Families on a low income or benefits may be given either (1) a free box of groceries or (2) emergency vouchers. Read about the Bristol Crisis scheme food assistance.

Juice Community Project has a food bank for both Cadbury Heath and the city of Bristol. Not only will a meal or parcel of free food be given to clients, but volunteers signpost the family to other safety net schemes, financial aid or even Christmas meal sites during November or December. They also have a day centre for the homeless and people in poverty. Find details on help from Juice Community Project.

There are multiple Salvation Army centres. Each will have a hot meal for the homeless and a food bank, among other services.

  • 6 Ashley Rd, Bristol. Telephone is 11796 22321
  • 387 Two Mile Hill Rd, Bristol, 11796 16129

Southwest Bristol area families on a low income can try the foodbank at 4 Little Anne Street, St Judes. Based on donations, there is non-perishable items for people in a crisis, if they have a voucher. This location also partners with the Trussel Trust to help the needy. Telephone – 01179 414401.

Baby Bank – As the name says, this charity focuses on meeting the needs of babies in Bristol. There will be items such as free food, nappies, high chairs, and other supplies. The money that a parent can save by using this network can free up their income for other living expenses. Find more details on the baby bank in Bristol.

St Marks Road Community Café, which is located at St Marks Road, Easton, BS5 6HX, can help the homeless. There is assistance and meals for the vulnerable, individuals on a low income, rough sleepers and elderly that have a voucher. Telephone – 07584 625082.

The Northern Bristol district and families in that area can get help from a local food bank. Volunteers provide free items to the low income. Other help may be for the disabled. Free emergency boxes of food, tinned items, pudding, rice, and soups may be provided. Address is foodbank 286 Filton Avenue, Horfield. Telephone number is 01179 791399.

Wild Goose is a charity food bank that offers free parcels of groceries to families living in poverty as well as hot meals to the homeless. The assistance is combined with the LITE job placement services, signposting to housing and welfare schemes that issue vouchers for buying food, and other services. More on programmes from Wild Goose in Bristol.

Food banks at churches in Bristol

Many of these centres are associated with the national organisation known as Trussel Trust. For those individuals with a voucher, they may be eligible for a free parcel of food and other support. Some churches also have support such as clothing or provide clients with activities such as signposting.

Bristol City Methodist Centre – The charity operates a clothing store and can also provide hot meals, including breakfast, seven days per week. The independent food bank can also offer a parcel of groceries in some cases for families that are in poverty and that have no resources available to them. A bag of groceries, canned fruits, and more is available in some cases. Read more Bristol Methodist Centre.

Ebenezer Church food bank covers the city of Bristol, with a focus on the northern part. Applicants with a voucher can receive a parcel of groceries that can last a few days. The volunteers, including at nearby Filton Community Church, also signpost clients to free debt counselling, offer practical goods, and other services, all in addition to food. Find help from Ebenezer Church in Bristol

Families in the Avonmouth area can contact Saint Andrews Church. People from this area can receive food in an emergency, including tea, canned fruits, and other goods from the charity. The telephone number is 075 8274 9256.

St. Edyths Church provides free food to residents of Sea Mills and northwest Bristol. The charity also provide help at Christmas by issuing a “Hamper” of tinned groceries, fresh vegetables and meals. While receiving a parcel of groceries, families can also  sign up for the CAP debt arrears counselling services. Get more details on assistance from St. Edyths Church as they offer much more than just the food bank.

The Christian Network charity also provides assistance for people in the region, including the Bristol and southwest England area. This is a network of several local churches that may have food, referrals to government benefits, housing and other support. The aim is to help feed the hungry and improve independent living. The members are Aardvark, central Bristol, Resound in North East Bristol and also Thornbury which is north of the city.

Victoria Methodist Centre of Keynsham is assisted by a location at Charlton Rd. Call 0117 983 7923. Referrals are available for benefits, and volunteers at the centre also collect and distribute food to the needy across Bristol.


Roderick Garratt says:

Hi, I recently have been recovering after a course of radio-therapy following diagnosis of a tumor last June. Since July I have been on a liquid diet of Nutricia fortisip and fortisip compact protein shakes.
The company who provide them recently sent me a large delivery of the wrong flavour (vanilla which I can’t drink). I asked them if they would like them returned and they said, to much effort, throw them in the bin, unbelievable with so many hungry people!
So, I would like to donate them to a foodbank in Bristol if someone could arrange to collect?
I live in the Henbury/Brentry area.