Richmond assistance from local welfare scheme

Local welfare can help families on a low income in the Richmond upon the Thames borough. The government funded scheme is aimed for assisting people that are faced by a disaster or that are under exceptional financial pressure.

This is a discretionary scheme in which the council will assess each application for merit. At the end of this review, which may take up to 10 working days, they may decide to provide a grant that can be used for everything from clothing to energy bills, furniture, and other household items. If a family on a low income needs food, then vouchers can be provided for that as well.

In some cases, the household items will be supplied directly to the household from local suppliers. This is most true for items such as fridges or washing machines. This is done in an effort to cut down on costs for this welfare programme. The team from the Richmond upon the Thames borough will even deliver the items to the vulnerable.

Application process for a grant in Richmond

First, people can only apply at most once every 6 months. This will prevent families from relying on this entitlement. It will help ensure that funds are only used for those in a true crisis situation and not for supporting families in long term poverty.

Welfare will only help people that are on a low income or receiving benefits, such as housing or income support. Proof of this will need to be provided to the Richmond Council when applying. The application will also need to prove the hardship that the person is facing which may affect their health and safety.

Housing needs and bills covered by welfare

Anyone looking to return to the borough can get financial assistance from welfare, if they meet the other eligibility criteria. Or they may be grants used to help the person remain living in Richmond rather than need to move into an institution. Another priority is to help ex-offenders set up a home in the borough.

For these individuals, the Richmond local assistance scheme will provide the household with the items they need for the new home. That may be cookers or crockery for cooking. Items for sleeping, such as bedding or a free mattress may be given for the new home. Also, welfare can provide a voucher that someone can use to obtain clothing. All of this is done in partnership with local suppliers. If a applicant needs information on funds for moving into a new home, then in some cases welfare can include a bond for a portion of the rent deposit. Or find other agencies that help with housing needs.

Other uses of grants can be for paying for critical living expenses. The family will be issued a pre-paid card for this type of need. It will be loaded with funds for paying only a certain type of bills, such as fuel or maybe food. This will ensure the Richmond Council is involved in ensuring funds get to only what is required.

To apply, and application to the Richmond upon Thames borough council is needed. There are organisations that can help with this process, including Vineyard Community Association, RAID, or the team at Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Each of of those centres has staff available that will provide the client with free advice.

A decision as to whether a grant is provided or not will be made within 10 days. If someone needs help before then, the council can refer the family to other agencies such as local food banks. The post for the programme is Local Assistance Scheme, Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ.