Housing grants offered by Talisman Charitable Trust

The Talisman Charitable Trust has determined that additional housing support is necessary to provide lower-income citizens with a proper home. That is why it has made housing grants a point of emphasis in its charitable operations.

What is offered?

Grants are made to individuals and charities that serve individuals. The purpose of the grant is to provide relief from high housing costs, including rent and some living costs. Those who are disabled may receive special attention to help them meet their housing needs. While the charity also provides funding for education and medical treatment, housing is the primary objective.

Recipients of aid are lower-income individuals and families that are “going short” and need help to get through a difficult financial situation. Often this is combined with government benefits. Funding can be sufficient to help a poor household escape economic disaster.

How to apply?

While grants are made on behalf of individuals, they are not sent to individuals. Instead, cash grants are allocated to either another charity or a local council on behalf of an individual. It is up to the secondary social aid organisation to distribute funds to the individual and to monitor its use.

Many charities are already aware of the Trust and routinely include it as a potential source of funding for the individuals that require assistance. When seeking help with a local charity or council, clients may request that the counsellor consider the Trust as a potential source of additional funding to help accomplish their goals.

Each aid application should include full information about the recipient. Whether they are applying for benefits or other support, criteria needs to be met.

  • Name and address
  • Contact information
  • Causes of financial distress
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Purpose of the grant (how it will be used to relieve poverty). Documentation of potential uses is recommended. Examples could be property improvements to aid access for disabled residents or help moving to a home that better meets the needs of the household.
  • Information on sponsoring charity or local authority (entity that will oversee the grant). A local Citizens Advice Bureau is a common sponsor for aid recipients.
  • Other grants may be issued by the Talisman Trust as well, including information on benefits for disabled, which is available for housing or rent needs.

Counsellors may submit a request on behalf of a beneficiary directly to the trustees:

The Talisman Charitable Trust
Basement Office
354 Kennington Road
SE11 4LD

No response will be provided except to those whose requests are approved. Trustees make decisions based on the best interests of the use of the Trust funds. The Trust was originally established in 1936 thanks to a gift from Baron Frederic Allred d’Erlanger. d’Erlanger was a wealthy man who made his fortune on South African railroads and department stores in South America.


Stacey says:

Back in 2013 I was made homeless shortly after having my little girl due to a violent relationship. While I was pregnant I found the strength to walk away. After months and months of bidding on council properties with the help of Talisman Charitable Trust I finally was offered a stable place to live and my life started to turn around for me and my little girl.
I managed to furnish my home using a grant and get it comfortable and done it all alone. I felt proud I was caring for my nan, looking after my little girl and managed fine, when my nan passed away in January I decided to search for work as all I’ve ever wanted is the best for my little one.
I started work and handed my wage sheets in to the council every month, then one day last week I get a letter saying they have over paid my rent and I am now in arrears and my housing benefit will now be cut to 50p a week. So I am requesting a grant from Talisman Charitable Trust as 3 days later I get a letter off my housing association saying I am also in arrears with them. I couldn’t believe it after paying rent, council tax and other essential bills I will be left with next to nothing to live and feed my daughter.
Every month on pay day I have been phoning and paying what I owed and now because the council made a mistake although having all the information they need every month, I am now so scared I could be made homeless again with my little girl through no fault of my own! I feel so down and depressed and don’t know where to turn, so can the Trust help me?

Very worried looming eviction says:

Hi. I have lived in my housing association house for 24 years. I brought up 4 children here and I worked part time. Last year my youngest daughter finished college and turned 18. My money got deducted by £200 a week on that day. I lost tax credits and working tax credits, so I am asking for help from Talisman Charitable Trust. My daughter got an apprenticeship. I tried to get more work. Rent was impossible to pay for while and arrears have snowballed. Housing benefit have offered to pay £2 per [email protected]!!
I earn £174 a fortnight. I’m claiming NO OTHER BENEFITS. MY daughter brings home £200 per week. But is now 35 weeks pregnant and is taking maternity leave from her apprenticeship. Orbit housing had a possession Warrent suspended in February but I could not stick to court order. They will evict me. The baby’s due in 5 weeks. Can anybody from the Talisman Charitable Trust help me with my rent arrears please?

Ann Madine says:

Hi, I am in need help from Talisman Charitable Trust due to being ill with a heart condition that needed to be operated on in December 2010. I had 2 of my three children still living with me this time and my daughter who was 15 at the time was having to care for me. This was followed by the loss of grant funding for housing needs by the government for my job as a Holistic Therapy Tutor within community college, I found myself unemployed, in need of housing, and not as fit and healthy as before and unable to find a job and was unemployed.
At that time both my parents then became unwell, then my children’s father also became unwell. Between September 2011 and August 2012 both my parents and my children’s father died. In September 2012 after two years of looking I managed to get a part time job.
Where I thought this would make life better, it had to opposite effect due to the low pay I was receiving and the grief that was crippling my children. My daughter left college because she couldn’t cope, My son who was roofing at the time couldn’t cope with working. They both got so depressed I could not get them to leave the house, I couldn’t get them to go to sign on or go to the GP.
My Daughter did go to the GP in 2014 and did get some help, and my son also started to make progress towards the end of that year too and he moved out of the family home. I managed to secure a full time job in July 2015 but was then sent a council tax bill for £5000 going back to 2012. This is causing me to fall behind more on housing, and I hope the Talisman Charitable Trust grant scheme can help.
I am doing my best to try to pay it off but am struggling along with all the other bills. I am hoping to downsize and have arranged a house swap but can’t afford the cost that goes with moving because of the council tax bill, if you from Talisman Charitable Trust can help me with a grant for my housing that I could start a fresh. This is the first time I have been in debt, as a single parent for 20 years I always tried to live within my means.

James French says:

Hi, I’m currently in the process of losing my council house to rent arrears and what to know if the Talisman Charitable Trust can help. I have had no luck with offering my landlord a payment. Now they are seeking to take the house unless its paid.
I have four young children, two that have ADHD and my partner who is going through a serious case of depression. The housing arrears have appeared from out the blue with no letters from before had saying we owe anything until my partner told the council I moved in.
I’ve got nowhere with them now I am waiting on a court date to lose our home. I’m trying to find whether we could get a grant from the Charitable Trust or help resolving the issue. Many thanks.