Help with Utility Bills

Falling short of funds to pay your utility bills can cause some serious problems in your household. There are delinquency notices. You may receive disconnection warnings, or even have your electricity shut off. Will your utilities be on the morning of your big job interview?

As water and energy costs rise, those higher costs are continuously passed down to you. Average utility bills are already much higher than they were just 5 years ago. Yet has your income risen very much?

To help meet the needs of rising living costs, assistance programmes have been established to provide emergency aid for families at risk of disconnection. There are also permanent subsidies in the form of caps that can be approved for certain households on a permanent basis. Households can get help from their local council, a charity, or maybe directly from the energy supplier themselves.

Electricity or Gas Bills

Several financial aid programmes are combined together in order to provide help with electricity for households who are unable to afford the full cost. Some are government-sponsored while other forms of aid are provided by your electricity provider.

We have the details on discount schemes and payment schemes that can help you avoid sky-high bills. For those not approved for benefit payments there are other programmes that are funded from public and private sources that could help you deal with an unaffordable bill, especially if you have recently suffered a financial crisis.

There are a number of programmes that can assist with gas bills. Heating your home can be expensive during the cold winter months. Many people struggle to pay for their energy costs while at the same time having to account for other basic needs. High bills can be tough on a budget. They can be brutal when you have recently experienced unexpected expenses.

Could you benefit from a fuel grant? Take advantage of gas bill assistance that may be available to you before you get left out in the cold.

Most of the energy suppliers provide both gas and electric services to households. Individuals or families with a low income will often receive priority when it comes to getting assistance with their utility bills. There is also financial aid that is focused on the disabled or older individuals. Find more information on gas and electric bill assistance programmes.

Tenants often struggle to pay their energy costs, especially when the landlord requires them to pay and the expense is not part of their rent. With housing costs high, and going up, renters often need assistance paying their utility bills, ranging from electric to gas or heat. There are things they can do to save money, and find how tenants can save money on energy bills.

Welfare schemes can often assist families in fuel poverty with a portion of their energy bills. Applications are normally processed at a local council office with a decision made in as little as a few days. If a local authority does provide financial help for utilities, it will often come in the form of a pre-paid card or emergency voucher that will prevent or delay a shut off of electricity or heat for a few days. Learn where to apply at for financial aid from welfare.

Programs for Water Costs

Water bills can also get out of control, especially if you have ever had a leak. Falling behind on payments just one month can cause you to suddenly find yourself in a difficult situation. Getting help with water bills is an important step for making sure you do not fall further behind.

You have to catch up your bill. Fortunately we can show you how to request your water supplier to work with you on alternative arrangements, such as discounts or payment plans. You really can get back on track, and your utility firm can even help you do this.


Funding for phone bill assistance is rare. There are however low usage schemes and prepaid plans that can help you manage these costs. Even better, you now have ways to cut out your phone bill and still maintain coverage with some clever tips.

Don’t let out of control utility bills threaten your finances. You can get help with your living costs so that you can focus on some of the other priorities in your budget.


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