Church of England housing assistance

In an effort to prevent homelessness for people that have worked at or served the Church of England, there are several programmes available across the UK to address housing needs. There are schemes that can help with rent and payments, resources that coordinate short term or long term housing, assistance with the purchase of a property, and much more. The Church of England works to help workers and clergy with all of their needs, and many of the programmes fall under the CHARM Scheme. There are several parts of this, and each is aimed at helping the less fortunate, and this is when the Church’s Housing Assistance for the Retired Ministry does.

There are a few different parts of CHARM, and they include funds for rent or security deposits, Shared Ownership, Manormead Care Home which comes with nursing as well as the Supported Housing Scheme. These are housing services for people who worked at the church, whether they were clergy or lay employees.

The rent schemes are also for Church Army Officers or the family members of people that have served, even including spouses. The applicants need to have served a faith based group a limited amount of time (usually 5 years but this is increasing) and meet other eligibility conditions, such as around income and other factors.

The Church of England will help people that have low incomes or that are not well off. The CHARM schemes, whether for supported housing or rent deposits, are not aimed at assisting people that can pay the bills on their own and have a high income. A particular aim of the church is to prevent homelessness in the region and assist the vulnerable.

Get help in locating a home or property to live in, as well as funds for the housing costs, from the Rental Scheme. The aim is to help people pay for the costs of a retirement home, and there are eligibility conditions that need to be met in order to receive a grant. The focus is on former church workers that have left the system.

The Church of England will help people purchase a home, and then they can rent it back from them, from the Shared Ownership Scheme. With the increasing cost of housing across the UK, many people can’t afford to buy their own property, so in these cases, the church will offer grants to help. The amount of monthly rent to be paid back by the tenant will also be more affordable.

The ownership scheme will involve the board purchasing a property then leasing it back to the family for up to 99 years. The person involved can also pay for a portion of the home as well, so the property is purchased using both money from the church as well as the individual. Also, additional payments for the price of the home can be made by the tenant at anytime, thereby increasing their ownership and reducing their monthly rent.

Church of England Supported Housing is for seniors citizens that have retired from the service. There are properties around the UK, such as in Gloucestershire, Surrey, Leicestershire, Lancashire and in many other cities that can be let by the elderly, and the units will provide care and other assistance to the person in the home. People that are retired can get support in living independent and have staff and care on site as well. Another similar programme is the Manormead Care Home, and this also provides nursing assistance to the elderly.

When seeking any help from Church’s Housing Assistance for the Retired Ministry, or CHARM programme, there is only assistance for eligible people. This will include the person needs to have served the church from anywhere from 5 to 15 years, depending on the scheme being applied for. Aid is also for the low income in the UK. There are many other services available for pensioners from the church as well, and for more information on housing or other support, ring them at 020 7898 1824.