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The UK Bill Help Clearinghouse is a central repository for the vast amounts of information that affects low and moderate income households. The Clearinghouse is not a government institution. Instead, this service began as a collaborative effort of Personal Financial Network, Inc. and Vision Credit Education, Inc., two community service organisations that have provided advocacy and education to consumers in the UK and across the pond in the US.

This is not a sales organisation, nor do we favour any particular service over another. Our objective is to provide concise information, resources and referrals to the proper outlets to ensure that you get the assistance you need with bills and debts that are causing financial hardship. You may discover that we have far more information about the programmes and options available to you from a variety of sources. Various government agencies do provide information on many of these programmes. Whenever possible we try to link you to these official sources for reference, providing you with a consolidated hub for discovering information about the different tools and assistance available that can help you pay your bills during difficult financial circumstances. If we can redirect you away from a predatory lender and help you find a food bank or utility assistance programme, then we have helped you find a better solution to your problems.

Our organisations have helped thousands of individuals deal with money problems and financial difficulties over the years. It is our sincerest hope that we can link you with the support necessary when you are in your time of need.

  • Personal Financial Network, Inc. (PFNI) was originally chartered in 2002 as a debt management organisation serving thousands of clients in matters of repaying debt on more favourable terms. PFNI expanded in 2004 to provide tools for greater transparency for consumer products and protections. Today PFNI is an international financial services firm, maintaining a presence in specific¬†markets around the globe.
  • Vision Credit Education, Inc. began as a community education movement in 2004 and was officially chartered in 2005. Counselling, volunteer income tax assistance and educational programming have served thousands of clients. PFNI continues to refer clients to Vision Credit Education, which advocates for the rights of citizens who have experienced a violation of their rights by creditors. The organisation currently provides public seminars and financial skills workshops to disadvantaged consumers.

Our Team

Kenneth Long, President

Jon McNamara, Vice President and he is also the CEO of needhelppayingbills.com

Jaynard Maniego, Chief Project Manager

UK Address

Personal Financial Network, Inc.
Office 6 Slington House
Rankine Road
RG24 8PH
United Kingdom
(Use Dept. 5447 for correspondence–No solicitations please)

US Address

Personal Financial Network, Inc.
5540 Centerview Drive, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606
United States


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