Free household items from Save the Children grant scheme

Save the Children is a charitable organization that provides free items to families on a low income. The assistance is part of a scheme called Eat, Sleep, Learn, and Play! The items that may be given to clients includes beds, toys (including at Christmas), pushchairs, electronics, games, books, and more.

The scheme is available from charities, such as the Salvation Army, and local council offices. The staff or customer support at those agencies needs to refer the family to Save the Children. Applications are not directly taken by the organization; apply at a local charity. As part of the process to receive a free household items, there will need to be a home visit from a support worker. For those looking for more information on sites, find details on Salvation Army schemes for the poor and vulnerable.

Free items provided to low income families

The aim is to provide what a family needs for their home. As it can often be difficult for parents to pay for their bills while at the same time providing what their children need. Families on a low income often go without, and the programme can help close the gap. Therefore, the grants can help pay for the following items:

  • Toys. This may be for year-round use (dolls, etc.), or for special occasions including Christmas or a birthday.
  • Furniture including beds, mattresses, chairs, tables, tables, etc.
  • Electronic devices for learning.
    Books for children or parents with new babies.
  • Pushchairs or buggies. Or if the child has other transportation needs, assistance may be given.
  • Disability support items for children or pregnant mums.
  • Clothing, nursery furniture, knitware, pillows.

Many other items may also be paid for by the Save the Children grant scheme. The list above is only an example of the supplies. In general, the items will be new. Or if they are gently used the organization will ensure they are in good condition.

Donations are also needed. The Eat, Sleep, Learn, and Play assistance programme depends on money from across the UK as well as donated items. Toys, furniture, and much more is always needed. Anything contributed will help families on a low income. In addition, charities from across the UK can also sign up with the Eat, Sleep, Learn, and Play programme as well.

Application process for Eat, Sleep, Learn, and Play

Save the Children has limited grants to provide. Not every person can be helped. As noted, to apply, contact a local council office or charity. A professional support worker from one of those organizations will also need to visit the home of the applicant to verify the need. Or if not qualified, then other voucher schemes provide free assistance as well.

In order to receive a grant or free items, the following criteria are in place. First, the family needs to be on a low income, benefits, or in poverty. Free household items will only be for the poor who can’t afford to buy the items they need for their home on their own.

Save the Children was created to help families, whether single or married. This means there needs to either (1) be a child in the home or (2) the mum must be pregnant. As maternity clothing, cribs, etc. will be items for kids.

As noted, to apply for help, call on a local charitable organization. Or try a council customer support centre. If there are further questions needed, ring 0808 802 0212 to reach Save the Children.