Free food banks Nottingham

When facing an emergency, there are over 10 free food banks that families or individuals can call or drop in at in Nottingham. They will usually require a referral from the client, and this can usually be obtained from a social worker or some other professional such as specialists from Citizens Advice Bureau.

The opening hours will be different for each centre, so people should call for hours. Also, many food banks have limited supplies so they may run out or may not be able to help everyone seeking help. The Nottingham food banks may have items such as tinned meats, canned fruit or vegetables, and other non-perishable items. Some of the centres may also have a soup kitchen that can feed the homeless or most vulnerable in Nottingham. The food will always be free, and can assist in an emergency.

Churches with free food in Nottingham

There are several churches are part of Trussell Trust, which is the countries leading not-for-profit charity organization for feeding the hungry and low income. Families are turning to this organisation in increasing numbers, and they may provide up to three days of emergency food to clients.

A parcel will be passed out to people that have a voucher. It may have fruits, vegetables, tea, and sugar. Other canned goods are offered too. Many of the Nottingham churches also have volunteers on site that will help families by offering referrals to other needed services, such as housing or maybe job training.

  • Long Eaton address is Christ Church, Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham. Individuals should call 0795 054 7671 for hours. A referral is needed for a professional, such as doctors or social workers.
  • Bestwood & Bulwell is only open on Saturdays. Clients should call 0115 975 1825, or the centre is at St Philip’s Church, Knights Close, Top Valley. It is for those with a local connection.
  • Daybrook Baptist Church is part of Trussell Trust. Up to 3 days worth of free food is from the Arnold location. Volunteers may also delivered items, such as to the elderly or people with a physical disability. Telephone is 07854 690694.

There are also several sites in western Nottingham. These churches assist people with a local connection and that also have a referral or voucher from places such as CAB. Call the foodbank for hours and also what type of canned goods or meats are provided.

  • St Martha’s Church is at 135 Frinton Road, Broxtowe, Nottingham, NG8 6GR. The charity is open on weekday mornings. Ring them at 0115 943 6081.
  • Grangewood Hall Methodist Church is open on Fridays only. Telephone – 0115 943 6081.
  • Inham Nook food bank is located at St Barnabas Church. Clients on a low income can receive a hot meal and information on signposting. Address: Barn Croft, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 4HU, or call 0115 943 6081.

Other locations for food banks or meals

Other food banks are in the city too. They provide nutritional good to the needy and low income. These centres also use donations from the public in order to keep operating, and volunteers are always needed. Signposting is available for other services that clients need.

A Foodstore is only for families or homeless with no income. They can also get referrals to shelters, and free Christmas meals. The centre is at St Ann’s & Sneinton, Neighborhood Centre, Robin Hood Chase, Nottingham. Telephone 07827 248 750.

A free soup kitchen is at Faith and Hope. Most of the help from the charity is from their Support Scheme. This combines free food as well as housing, shelter, and more. The charity works to stop hunger, food poverty, and homeless in the city of Nottingham. Find more information on help from Faith Hope and Enterprise.

HOPE is a charity for the vulnerable in Nottingham.  They run a food bank in partnership with other organisations, such as Nottinghamshire Women Aid. Not only is a free bag of food passed out, but the location may also have toiletries, clothing, and hot meals from a soup kitchen. Read more HOPE food programmes.

Nottingham Salvation Army William Booth Memorial food bank is at 14 Notintone Place. The social service charity helps those on poverty with meals, referrals, signposting, clothing, and free emergency food. There is another site at 397 Aspley Lane, and phone is 0115 929 0465.

Main St Methodist Church is only for families in East Nottingham. The charity is at Boundary Road Community Centre, Boundary Road, Beeston, and may have meals or free food. Advice and other aid is available at their caring centre.

The Nottingham city council provides food vouchers and other aid from the Hardship Support Scheme. The assistance is for individuals on a low income that are faced with a crisis. The scheme not only provides groceries, food, and related items, but there can also be clothing or household items such as furniture or beds that are available. Call the council to get more information on the Nottingham Hardship Support Scheme.

True Vineyard Drop in Centre – A free food bank is combined with hygiene supplies, clothes, and other basic needs. There is help for families on a low income in Nottingham as well as the homeless. Free Christmas meals, tea, biscuits and other food is provided too. Find additional information on True Vineyard assistance.

NG7 Foodbank Park House is a not-for-profit that has items for people that have had a reduction in their housing benefits. Meats, fruits, rice, and more is available at 20 Bentinck Road, Radford/Hyson Green, Nottingham.