Leicester schemes for financial support and crisis grants

Residents in the city of Leicester can get financial help for paying their bills from the Community Support Grant scheme. The council provides a combination of free vouchers, pre-paid cards for paying energy bills free food or other forms of awards to individuals that are eligible. The assistance can help vulnerable residents that are threatened by an immediate crisis or that are no longer safe, and there may also be assistance provided in the form of ongoing support.

While any type of assistance from the council will not need to be repaid, the downside is the scheme will rarely provide cash to them. Instead families on a low income will be provided with a voucher, the goods themselves or maybe a pre-paid card for paying their household living expenses. Cash will only be provided for bills as a last resort. Or if an award is not provided to the applicant, the Leicester council will signpost the resident to other services or charities that are local to the city.

Any aid is for people on a low income and that are facing an exceptional hardship. Each application will be reviewed by the council for its own merit, and any grants are provided at the discretion of the council.

Financial help from Crisis Grants in Leicester

Help can be provided in an emergency, and this is called a crisis grant. In some cases, the homeless may apply for this, or tenants that are threatened by evictions also often seek help from the crisis grants. The council also has an after hours phone number for people to call, and that number is 0116 255 1606. This should only be used when a person is in urgent need.

As noted, the Leicester rarely provides cash for paying for bills like electric, transportation, or medical. Vouchers or pre-paid cards (which can be given to the landlord or creditor) are used insteas as part of the Community Support Grant welfare scheme. But the council will give referrals, including to emergency rent arrears help.

Free items from welfare in Leicester

The support grant is for individuals or families that are not in urgent need, and this is a more common request then the crisis assistance above. This may available for a long term hardship or maybe for a resident on benefits. It can be items such as free food or white goods. Or the council links the low income or homeless to resources such as free food banks in Leicester.

Any type of assistance from the Leicester council will be awarded in the form of a voucher, or they may provide the goods themselves. As an example, the client may receive a voucher to a food bank or furniture from a recycling centre. Other awards may be used for furniture such as beds, travel for an illness, utility bill connection fees when the family is faced with cold weather, or other household goods.

Grants are provided in an effort to address the crisis and help the Leicester resident get back on track to independence. So the vouchers can get people safe and healthy by providing food or other crisis support, reduce poverty, and keep families together. There is also support made for the vulnerable, such as older people and the disabled in Leicester, and the council will try to provide them the needs they have.

There are many uses of the grants from the Leicester council, and as noted each application will be closely reviewed. More information can be received by dialing 0116 454 1019, and the phone is available Monday through Friday. Or after those times a resident can call the emergency number above.