Thanet emergency welfare support financial help

The emergency welfare scheme in Thanet is for families on a low income, Universal Credit, or government benefits. The council provides claimants with free grants/vouchers to pay bills (utility, electric, housing), free food vouchers, white goods, appliances, or other forms of help. The welfare scheme is discretionary and only for families with limited income, savings, or an exceptional crisis.

When it comes to housing assistance from the emergency support scheme, the aim is to keep people in their home or help them resettle into the community. This is when the council can provide everything from secondhand furniture to pre-paid cards for electric deposit help, rent deposit guarantees or other help. They also provide more essential needs like clothes, food, and other stuff to the family.

Welfare housing schemes in Thanet

The housing assistance comes in a few ways. One is to help people find a flat or property to live. Then, the Thanet council works with charities in Kent or the district on financial help. There are bonds (or cashless advances) to pay the move in deposit or rent in advance. The welfare scheme advisors will link the client to those services.

The council also provides free furniture and items for the home or flat. Working with charities in the UK including the Salvation Army, reuse network, and others, there may be household goods. There can be appliances, free domestic furniture, carpets, bedding, kitchen utensils, fridges, and more.

Welfare can provide utility bill help. Prepayment energy meters, or pay as you go, are usually used by Thanet families on a low income or government benefits. The government welfare schemes help them get their lights or electric on and also keep up with payments in the future. About 20 per cent of people in the UK and Thanet use these meters. This aid is also usually combined with payment plans.

During the winter, fuel to heat a home or flat is needed. Thanet council can provide a pre-paid fuel card that will pay heating bills for up to 7 days. Oil, electric, or another heat source may be paid.

Essential needs from emergency support

Individuals and families need certain items and support to live. The local emergency welfare support scheme can help provide this. Most of the aid is in the form of free vouchers, which are then used at partner charities or agencies in Kent for the items.

As an example, welfare can provide free food vouchers. For those that are eligible, the client can get a parcel of nutritionally balanced groceries and fresh food to last up to 3 days. It is an emergency scheme. The voucher needs to be redeemed or used at a local Trussell Trust or charitable foodbank in the Thanet district, and most of them are at churches. Find more details on free food banks in Kent.

Other essential needs include clothes, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and care products. If the essential need is for the home (bed, appliances, heater, etc.) that is covered by the housing part of the local welfare scheme. Thanet council will provide those goods and more, and almost all the stuff is secondhand.

Applications for emergency support and assistance

Emergency Support and Essential Services is discretionary. It is only for people on benefits or a low income. Applicants need proof of earnings, details on savings and assets. They also need proof that they applied for other government aid first, before the Thanet welfare scheme. So they need to have applied for budgeting loans, hardship payments, and other financial aid.

The Thanet council can be reached at telephone of 01843 577558. The post is Cecil St, Margate CT9 1XZ.