Doncaster Council grants to pay bills from Local Assistance Scheme

Town of Doncaster residents that are faced with a disaster or financial crisis can receive financial help for their bills, housing, or household needs from the Local Assistance Scheme. The programme is a discretionary service for families on a low income. The assistance provided will also aim to address a safety concern that is faced by a resident.

Any award is provided in one of three different ways. The preference is to give the person the household goods directly, whether it is a cooker or furniture. The next option is to use the pre-payment card, which is also a form of grant. In these instances the card is loaded with money and it can be used to only pay for certain bills, such as food or fuel costs, that are approved by the Doncaster Council.

When those two parts of the Local Assistance Scheme are not possible, then the council may provide cash. This will always be done using the Paypoint system as a means of distribution. The government authorities will make the decision when this is offered.

In the past, some examples of when cash has been provided will be for emergency food, travel for a funeral, or crisis heating payment to keep a vulnerable person warm. This form of help is not common though. So there can be some exceptions made by the Local Assistance Scheme.

If cash is not provided by the Doncaster Council, families in poverty have other ways to get help for their bills. There are charitable food banks as well as energy bill assistance from the utility providers in the UK. There are even vouchers for paying fuel bills.

Aim of Doncaster and application process

When someone is vulnerable and on a low income, and also has no savings or family to help them through their hardship, then this is where the Local Assistance Scheme can assist. The grants from the council can be used to keep the individual healthy and safe. So this means the council can offer food, white goods, and more. There are many forms of assistance that involve keeping someone safe.

Another use will be to assist a person with returning to the Doncaster community after being in care. So if there is an older person leaving a hospital, or maybe an ex-offender coming back to the community, then maybe household goods are given for their new home. There may also be funds available for a homeless person that now is moving into a property. The scheme will ensure the person gets off to a good start.

The council also addresses food insecurity as part of welfare or in general. There are groceries, detergent, soap, tea and many other items. Even find free grocery schemes.

To apply, stop by the the council office. Or a freephone can be used, and that number is 0800 859 5923. The specialists at the local centre will try to make a decision within 72 hours for those under exceptional pressure.

Note that the assistance is intended for the low income or residents on benefits. Individuals can only apply at most once per year, so this is an emergency scheme. The Doncaster Council is not intending welfare to be a solution to poverty in the town.

For long term support, the customer service team at the council office can provide referrals. They are a source of information on charity or government support organisations across the region. They also partner with many of those groups to help those in poverty or in crisis.

Some of the key partners in the area are local Trussell Trust food banks. They also offer free money management advice with CAB, or help women faced with domestic violence. So various charities are also in the town of Doncaster for the low income. The phone number to use for information is 0800 859 5923.