Wayside Club Centre programmes in Glasgow

Open seven days per week, the Wayside Club Centre provides both emergency assistance as well as practical support to the homeless and low income. Clients of the charity may be facing a financial hardship or others are facing another challenge, such as abusing a substance or have a mental health condition. The Wayside Club will offer help to all with no questions asked.

Hundreds of people get help both at Christmas and the New Year. This is done as the charity is run by the Legion of Mary, which is a Catholic Lay Organisation. The organisation wants every person to have holiday cheer.

The volunteers from the Legion will offer both meals and they hold a party as well for people in Glasgow. The services take place from 1 pm to 10pm, and anyone that is vulnerable can drop in.

Not only will a free hot meal be served, but it also provides companionship during Christmas. There are often hundreds of individual at the parties and together they all experience joy. People with no other place to go can drop in for food and more.

The Wayside Club Centre will offer health care services. Most of it is for basic needs, such as a fever or advice on dental needs. There are volunteers nurses who offer this care as well as other helpers from Glasgow. If the person has a serious condition, then they will be referred to a GP. There is also an emergency service for addressing first aid needs.

Up to 80 people receive a free meal each day. There is a modern, clean kitchen at the drop in centre. Volunteers from the Legion of Mary prepare meals for the vulnerable. There are different type of programmes provided, even including vouchers to a food bank. Clients can receive a sandwich, hot soup, canned food, biscuits and tea. Much of the food comes from donations from local companies, including Lightbody as well as Pret A Manger.

The volunteers at the kitchen also can provide the client information on other places to turn to for food. Since the aim is to provide support from this kitchen, it can also be a place to learn about other not-for-profit organisations in Scotland that can feed the hungry.

Wayside Club Centre helps with hygiene needs as well. This is mostly for the homeless and people sleeping rough in Glasgow. Not only is there are shower at the site, but the person is also given free towels, shampoo, or soap. They often use these services as they do not have other access to places to shower or use a laundry. This can be combined with the other hygiene support below.

Free items are passed out. If there are supplies on site, then clients will be given towels for shaving, razors, mirrors, and foam. A barber also drops in one day per week and can give a free cut to the low income. This service is for both males and females in the city of Glasgow. Being clean can help a person either find a job, or it may help them as they go through an interview with a social worker on an application for benefits.

The drop in centre is at 32 Midland Street, Glasgow, Scotland G1 4PR. It is open seven days per week, including on Christmas. For more information on the services provided by Wayside, ring the charity at 0141 221 0169.