Sutton emergency grants for paying bills

Families on a low income or benefits in Sutton have more than one government welfare scheme available to them. The authorities offer financial help by providing emergency loans or grants to the household. There are also referrals to government programmes, and this local welfare scheme will also give them information from the Sutton Citizens Advice Bureaux.

The method in which assistance provided will depend on the applicants financial condition and need. Examples are as follows:

-Families may be given in-kind goods, such as free furniture, washing machines, fridges, or beds for a family resettling.
-Unexpected housing expenses, such as rent arrears, are offered covered in Sutton by crisis loans.
-Energy bill assistance includes grants/vouchers.
-Parcels of free food provided in partnership with charities or the Trussell Trust food bank or there are vouchers for supermarkets.
-Referrals are provided to grants for organisations including Friends of the Elderly.
-Travel tickets for local trips.

More information on all of these schemes and what they provide is below. The council will try to provide help when they can, at their discretion, but many people from the Sutton borough may just be linked to other agencies.

When someone needs help for paying their bills from the local welfare scheme, the applicant needs to have no other recourse to benefits or charity aid. They also need to be low income, including on Income support, Universal or Pension Credit, the Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance, or Housing Benefits. Other government aid may also be provided.

Once an application has been submitted by the family, the authorities will determine what type of help to provide. Most people are given a loan with a low repayment schedule. This will give them the cash they need for the emergency. In some cases, the client is provided a grant which does not need to be repaid.

Vouchers are often used for certain needs of Sutton families living in poverty. The three main uses of these vouchers will be for furniture, food parcels, as well as energy bills. The key difference between a grant and a voucher is whether the funds are given directly to the company owed the money or in-kind goods. The Sutton Council will make this determination as to what type of assistance to provide.

There are also referrals to many charities and UK based schemes which are provided by the authorities. There are agencies such as Friends of the Elderly, which helps the disabled as well as elderly. These older people in the borough may be given financial help for paying their utility bill. Or Friends of the Elderly will participate with the council of given money for household repairs, furniture, and mobility equipment too, such as scooters. Find an extensive listing of other grant and welfare schemes.

The Sutton Citizens Advice Bureaux (telephone 020 8405 3552) provides services in partnership with the local welfare scheme. This is what a family living in poverty can rely on to get back on track. There are specialists at the centre that will meet with the resident on their financial needs as well as other challenges, such as employment and more. The programmes provide free advice on applying for housing or income benefits and other support.

To apply for the Sutton Welfare scheme, it needs to be an emergency and the family has no other funds available. Any grants or vouchers are given after a full assessment is done. Call the customer centre at 020 8770 5000 for information. The post is Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA.