Staffordshire schemes for paying rent deposits

With all too many tenants in the Staffordshire County area facing homelessness, there are schemes available to them for paying the deposit on a new home or flat. Some of the programmes are often combined with assistance for rent in advance, and various charities or not-for profits can help people across the region.

The aid is often combined with other services. For example, a struggling or homeless individual may also be able to get free advice from a case worker. Any deposit scheme will not be effective if the individual is not into position to pay the rent on their housing in the future. So this is why many of the Stoke-on-Trent located and nearby organisations will also offer counselling or advice.

The main resources are below. The application process differs for each council or charity. Some focus on the homeless, people in priority need, or elderly, but there are usually programmes for people of all backgrounds. However if an agency can’t help, they may have referrals to other schemes for paying a security deposit.

Housing assistance and schemes from Staffordshire charities

The Adullam Homes Housing Association administers both a security deposit guarantee and a scheme for rent in advance. It is often combined with other aid and free advice, such as applications for Housing Benefits, support for tenants on maintaining their home, assessment, and other support.

People facing a wide range of challenges can get help from the Association. There are schemes for the homeless or that owe rent arrears and are facing imminent eviction. Other financial aid is for the mentally ill, disabled, rough sleepers, and ex-offenders that have a local connection to the area. Funds are offered in partnership with the Homeless Prevention Team in Adullam.

When applying, the applicant needs to have a plan to deal with any debts they owe. So to get help with a deposit, the applicant needs to be obtaining stability, and counselling may be provided to assist with this. For local landlords, all bond referrals are combined with tenancy support. The specialists from the association are at 9-87 Bolton Road, Bury, Lancashire, SK17 6DH, or people can call them at 01298 73798.

Arch is a not-for profit helps ex-offenders. They can apply for deposit schemes and other support services, with an aim of keeping them from re-offending. All clients need to over the age of 18 and facing homeless or currently be sleeping rough. Those who qualify will also have access to temporary housing or emergency accommodations.

The landlord who owns the housing will be given a bond guarantee from Arch. All clients will also need to follow an agreed upon support plan. Address is Arch (North Staffs) Ltd. 308 London Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 5AB. Call 01782 204479 for more information.

Churches of the Housing Coalition can help with rent in advance. The scheme has limited funds, and the charity needs to be contacted directly for more information, and the number is 01543 578827. As funding and donations allow, they may also operate a deposit guarantee scheme for families that need to resettle. Note the individual will need to live in Cannock Chase area of Staffordshire County. Or drop in at 28 Beecroft Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1JN. Find more detail on Churches Housing Coalition deposit help.

Rent deposit schemes and guarantees from councils

Residents of East Staffordshire can call their Borough CouncilPeople with a local connection can apply for a rent deposit scheme, if they meet eligibility. It is for those who can’t afford their rent on a monthly basis, or homeless, or for those that are located in Band 1 or Band 2 on Housing Register.

Depending on the client’s income and financial situation, some tenants will be issued a loan as part of the scheme. This is offered in partnership with the Money Spider, a local not-for profit organisation that will help assess the applications. The loan will be used to pay rent in advance, goods such as furniture, the move on costs, or a security deposit to help enter into a tenancy. Other housing expenses may be paid for by it too.

If your income is low enough, a bond will be used instead of a loan. However this needs to be agreed to by a private landlord, as they will not receive funds right away. There are conditions in place by the East Staffordshire, including the tenant needs to save money, pay the rent on time, and maintain the housing. Telephone – 01283 508 000, or read more East Staffordshire council deposit schemes.

Lichfield area residents have programmes that they can get housing and rent deposit assistance from, and this is provided from loans, Homeless Prevention Services, and rent guarantees. Another option is for the resident to turn to the Credit Union for funds. The council is the main organisation to contact for information, and specialists can provide referrals to the services, including rent loans in Lichfield.

South Staffordshire Council can issue bonds to landlords as a form of guarantee for a rent deposit. So this can help individuals that lack the money to pay for those housing costs, and the council scheme will also direct families and residents on a low income to flats or homes that are affordable. So a combination of deposit assistance and advice will assist people threatened by homelessness, or that need a more affordable property to move into. Continue with deposit assistance in South Staffordshire.

The Stafford Borough Council also has housing payment assistance, and what they offer is in the form of a guarantee on the deposit. The applicant needs to have a repayment plan in place and meet other conditions of the council. The funds, or bonds, will be used in lieu of a cash deposit. Other services available, if needed, include landlord/tenant mediation, referrals to housing benefit applications, and more. The main office is at Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford, ST16 3AQ, or call 01785 619000 for a referral to the scheme.

Individuals with a low income or homeless in Tamworth can get assistance from the Bond Scheme. This is a form of assistance for the homeless, ex-offenders, individuals threatened with homelessness, and families in priority need, among others. It will guarantee the deposit that is due to the landlord of a private housing or flat.

There is also referrals to accommodations in the county or city of Stoke-on-Trent, as well an inspections of the property. Advisers can help tenants get certificates of occupancy and coordinate other serviced. Address is Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, B79 7BZ. The phone number is 01827 709700, or find more details on the Tamworth rent bond scheme.

Help for residents in Cannock Chase

Individuals and families in the district can receive help for a rent deposit and other housing assistance, including access to an emergency shelter, from organisations that are local to the Cannock Chase area. Housing associations offer supported units, churches assist with rent in advance payments, free advice is available from counselling sessions, and there is other rent help in Cannock, Rugeley, and Hednesford.