Oldham local emergency welfare scheme

Residents of the town of Oldham that are both on a low income and in a financial crisis can apply for help from the local welfare provision. This scheme uses central government funds and is used by the authorities to replace Crisis Loans as well as Community Care Grants.

The administration of the scheme is also different than in the past. All decisions on whether to issue a voucher or pre-paid card for assisting with certain bills is at the discretion of the council. They have an assessment process in place and will determine who can receive assistance. They will also allocate any funds at their discretion, and in many cases will not issue money at all but rather give the family what they need, such as a parcel of food or even white goods.

Types of support from Oldham Council

The list below is not exhaustive, and based on the applicants needs, income, and whether they are faced with a health or safety crisis, the council may help with some or all of the following expenses. The Oldham Local Welfare Provision (LWP) may offer the following types of assistance.

Pre-paid cards are issued. The council will load the card with money that can only be used to pay for certain bills or goods which they authorise. What is covered bill depend on what the family needs help with.

Some examples of what the card can be used for include paying fuel or heating bills. This will help keep a family on a low income warm, especially during the winter. The cards can also be used to buy household goods, such as furniture, a washer, white goods, or fridge. Other expenses can also be paid by welfare.

Vouchers are provided for some needs as well. Oldham residents facing hunger can be given either a box of groceries or a voucher to an emergency food bank. This will usually provide the family with up to three days worth of every from canned meats or milk to fresh foods.

If a household had a disaster, such as a fire, then furniture may be given to them or the council will help pay for emergency travel in the UK. This is also covered by a voucher. The aim is to help the person resettle into a new home as soon as possible.

Clients of local welfare

All of the funds are limited. The central government gives the council money each year, and once the assistance from welfare has been exhausted, no other families can get help. However the Oldham Council will also try to offer referrals or signpost a vulnerable family to other local agencies. The types of people who may be assisted by the LWP – local welfare provision include the following.

-Vulnerable individuals, including women fleeing domestic violence, chronically or terminally ill, ex-offenders, and senior citizens in Oldham.
-The disabled or people with learning difficulties.
-Individuals moving out of institutional residential care may request support from welfare.

Others can also be assisted at the discretion of the Oldham Council. However everyone will need to be on a low income, be local to the borough, and be out of all other resources. Financial aid for bills or food or other expenses is only for people under exceptional pressure. Also, local welfare from the Oldham Council will also prioritize individuals who are on some form of benefits.

Even if the authorities can’t assistance, the team may refer the resident to other schemes or funds. So there are many ways in which the Local Welfare Provision can help. For more information, or to apply, call the council at 0161 770 5468 Monday to Friday.