Newcastle City Council Crisis Support and Supporting Independence Scheme

Families with a connection to Newcastle City can get help from the local welfare programme. There are two main options available, and they include the Crisis Support Scheme, which is for residents that are facing an emergency and have no other options. The other programme is SIS, and this is also called Supporting Independence Scheme and it can help people resettle into the community. More details on these council programmes are below, as well as information on where to apply.

The local council, and in particular the Revenues and Benefits team, is using central government funds to pay for these welfare programmes, and any assistance provided is at their discretion. For people applying for crisis support, they will provide them with more basic needs, such as the following. Note there will not be cash provided as part of this scheme, but the goods or a pre-paid card may be used in lieu of that.

  • A food parcel if they are faced with poverty.
  • Residents in Newcastle City that are struggling with paying their heating bills may also be eligible. Any help will be provided in the form of a direct payment onto the household’s utility account, and that is what is used to top off their utility service.
  • The crisis scheme may offer gift cards or clothing as well.
  • People on a low income faced with a disaster may be able to receive help for travelling costs. This needs to be arranged through the Newcastle council’s travel office.
  • In some cases, there may be assistance for fuel reconnection charges.

For families that are eligible for help, any aid from Crisis Support Scheme is sent directly to the resident. The council will put restrictions on what the funds can be used to pay for. If the individual is issued a pre-paid voucher, they can use this as part of the CashOut scheme. So the city council will decide on the best payment methods for the applicant.

The CSS Crisis Support Scheme is very limited, and aid is for families faced with a health or safety disaster. They also can’t be receiving help from any other sources or charities, and of course also need to be on a low income.

Some of the other priorities from the Newcastle City Council will be people impacted by a disaster, such as a fire, and that don’t have access to basic needs, including food or heat. So the aim is to offer help to those faced with exceptional circumstances and that are truly vulnerable. There may also be assistance provided to people on benefits, such as Pension Credit, Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, and others.

For those that are issued assistance from the welfare scheme, it they can only apply at most three times per year. However the Newcastle City Council will closely examine any applications that are submitted more than one time from customers. They may decide to adjust those limits on how often someone can apply, and everything is closely monitored. Residents need to have proof of income and off the hardship being faced.

Applications can be completed online, and if done properly, a decision on an award can be made within a few days. Or the Newcastle Revenues and Benefits team can also be reached at 0191 278 7878 if the person has questions on the application process of if they are having difficulty. Or the main office is at Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH. All funds and awards are issued at the discretion of the council, and funds are limited.


christine gray says:

Hello, My name is Christine Gray. I am applying for a food parcel. I am on JSA and I have just moved into a new flat in Newcastle City.
I have my 6 year old grandson living with me and going to claim his benefits as well as apply for the Crisis Support and Supporting Independence Scheme. Also my 17 year old daughter is getting out of Prudhoe hospital this week and I need help as I am only living on my JSA at the minute which is 125 a fortnight. Could you contact me please ASAP if you can help in any way? Many thanks.