Manchester rent and deposit schemes

For people that are homeless or at risk of being evicted, several Manchester County organisations can provide assistance in the form of rent schemes. There may also be programmes for families that are struggling or living in overcrowded situations. Other services include legal support on tenant rights, deposit schemes for the homeless and eviction prevention.

There are eligibility requirements in place, and there may be restrictions on the property that can be approved. Each of the private organisations will closely review applications for any type of rent scheme. If a vulnerable family does not qualify for help, then referrals may be provided to other Manchester area housing solutions.

Homeless or vulnerable people that need assistance should call a private charity or a council referenced below. Many rely on government grants or private donations for funds, so many people will not qualify for help. Some of the organisations offer deposit schemes or rent help for only certain towns or people, such as the disabled. Call for more information.

Deposit schemes from charities in Manchester

The aim of these organisations is to help the most vulnerable and the homeless. Many of the groups have limtied funding and rely on both donations and volunteers to keep them operating, so the aid they provide is a last resort. If a charity can’t help with a rent in advance or other fees that are owed the landlord, then they may provide signposting to other programmes.

Homes for all Bond Scheme – This organisation focuses on those at risk of being homeless, so they are facing an eviction from their landlord. There is also support for people that are currently homeless. The applicant also needs to be registered for rehousing services and be a resident of Oldham.

For those that are eligible, workers can help vulnerable families or individuals find a suitable property to live in if need be. Any private tenancy must meet the decent homes standard. Other services offered include help with applying for community care grants, the Fast track Housing Benefit service, and a tenancy support service. Homes for all Bond will also provide referral to support services and furniture projects if need be. The vulnerable in Oldham will also get assistance from both benefit maximization or budgeting loans if need be, so various schemes are run from the agency. Address is 1 Medtia Square, Phoenix St, Oldham, OL1 1AN. For more information, call 0161 331 2500, or read more assistance from Homes for All housing.

HOPE Worldwide in Manchester works to both prevent homelessness and resettle tenants when needed. The charity can provide information and referrals to deposit programmes, coordinate private accommodations with landlords, offer Moving On schemes to tenants, and offer advice for paying rent in advance.  More on housing assistance programmes from HOPE Worldwide.

Justlife is a not-for profit that provides housing, employment, health care, and treatment. In order to get assistance, including applications for a rent scheme, clients must have an unsettled housing history. Other programmes include tenancy and landlord support service as well as a security deposit guarantee. Volunteers and staff have a focus on the homeless and most vulnerable in the city and area. The centre is at 1479-1489 Ashton Old Road, Manchester, M11 1HH. Call 0161 285 5888, or read Justlife housing.

Letwise – They offer a deposit guarantee scheme for people threatened with homelessness, those with mental health problems, people classified to be in priority need, and the homeless. Manchester residents with physical disabilities may also be eligible for a rent scheme.

Many client services are offered. Social workers meet with applicants on possible programmes they can apply for. Get help in applying for the UK Housing Benefit and information on the Manchester region as well as where to find affordable flats to live in. There are also Bond Guarantees, property inspections and referral to support services in Manchester, including the Homelessness Assessment Team or government rent schemes.

The services are for both landlords and tenants. They can both learn about the various schemes or social services available to them. Some aid is jointly offered too, as they can also use mediation services to prevent an eviction. Town Hall Extension, Manchester, M60 2LA, Phone: 0161 234 4576.

Accommodations and advice is provided from the Manchester Booth Centre, and the phone number is 0161 835 2499. The charity does not provide direct financial aid, but they can place the vulnerable into temporary accomodations and help them locate employment. When the person is stable, resettlement services are provided along with referrals to rent deposit schemes and more. The Booth Centre services can help address various housing problems that individuals have.

Methodist Action is a charity that offers a lifeline and assistance to Preston and other nearby areas in Manchester. They support people faced with lack of opportunities, poverty, and homelessness. They also there schemes as part of Methodist Church services.

People facing homelessness can get an application for rent schemes and housing benefits for their property. They can also explore other programmes for people facing poverty. The charity will also provide for the direct payment of Housing Benefit or the deposit scheme for those that need this. Telephone is 01772 751000, or find more on services from Methodist Action.

Pinpoint – Social Lettings Agency provides short term shelter services. There is support for rough sleepers and those individuals that are looking for accomodation. Call 0808 800 4444 for more information on Pinpoint services.

Salford – Low wage earners over the age of 18 who are going to become homeless or that need somewhere to live can apply for their Rental Bond Scheme. The city agency that provides this financial aid offers other advise and referrals as well. Note that the rent schemes are also for those in receipt of housing benefits or a Manchester housing allowance.

The tenant needs to agree to reside at the property for up to 18 months. They also need to meet age eligibility standards. Other assistance from the city of Salford Council is provided from budgeting loans and offered part of community care grants. There are also fast track housing services for families on a low income, additional deposit schemes in place as well and other practical support for tenants. Telephone number is 0161 793 2020, or find more details on the bond scheme for deposits in Salford.

The Bond Board provides a bond guarantee for currently homeless individuals in Manchester. This will need to be accepted by landlords, and the funds will be used to help an individual pay the deposit on a new home. The scheme will also offer the tenant ongoing support, advice, and guidance so they can gain self-sufficiency. Find more information on deposits from the Bond Board.

Wigan – The agency runs a Bond Scheme. For people that qualify, including those that are homeless, assistance is provided for many housing needs. One of them is a bond guarantee for the rent in advance that is due, but there are others. It is for landlords in Manchester and it is provided on behalf of new tenants in a flat who are unable to afford a security deposit. There is also free legal support on responsibilities and rights for tenants as well as referrals to other organisations or charities. Not only can rent help be arranged, but they offer employment training, referrals and more.

To be eligible, the person needs to have a rent arrears or debts. Other schemes are also offered for those who are homeless or that have mental health problems or physical disabilities. Tenants threatened with homelessness may get assistance too. Centre is at Rear of 761 Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Wigan, WN5 8AT. Telephone is 01942 216843, or read more.

Rent in advance and housing assistance from the Council

The city provides assistance to the homeless or those individuals threatened with it. There are some situations in which the council can also arrange temporary accommodations for those that are found to be eligible in partnership with churches and hostels. The Manchester City Council also partners with other organisations and landlords on deposit bond guarantees and other solutions to help with rent in advance costs. To find more information, the housing team operates from the Town Hall, and can be ringed at 0161 234 4692. There is also an emergency, after hours phone number for a crisis, and that phone number is 0161 234 5001.

The Bolton Council also provides non-cash bonds to those seeking a home or flat to live in. It is a guarantee that the property owner needs to agree too, but the council backs up the bond. The assistance can be used to pay for repairs to the home, any rent arrears, as well as other housing costs. More on the Bolton bond guarantee.

Another local council in Trafford provides tenancy support from the Assist Welfare Scheme. While this programme has limited funds, but it may be able to provide help for rent deposits. It relies on annual funding from the central government budgets and any assistance is provided at the discretion of the council, and find more information on the Trafford Assist Welfare Assistance scheme.


Stephanie mcmanus says:

Me and my partner both just moved back to Manchester after working and living on holiday camps and we are currently homeless living out of his car. We been to the council and they didn’t help much.
We been to local housing and brought them the paper work they wanted and still nothing. Me and my partner both found jobs but mine is an apprenticeship.
We have no children. He is 28 and I am 22. We need help in getting money for a house. We can’t afford the deposit and month rent, also admin fees and don’t no we’re to turn.

Gemma Mather says:

Hi, I’m living in Northumberland and myself and my family are desperate to get back to Manchester where we were living for 5 years, but we will need help in paying the rent deposit. We only relocated due to my dad having health problems which didn’t turn out to be as bad as we thought. My husband can get his job back at stagecoach Manchester but needs an address in Manchester to apply for the deposit scheme. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael says:

I had to go on to sick leave from work and was paid SSP but this didn’t cover my bills and subsequently I am now couch surfing between friends and family. I am emotionally drained. I am due to start work soon and really need my own place in Manchester but with limited money and no access to loans at the moment this is not possible to pay the rent deposit. Is there anything available for someone who works to access deposit schemes like these?

Stephanie degg says:

Hi. My friend is currently homeless and sleeping rough. I heard about the ‘bond scheme’ to help the homeless get into the property again in Manchester. I was wondering if I could have some info on how to go about this. I need to put something in place for him and his housing deposit as I am his caregiver and he struggles with this type of thing.

Kenneth Long says:

Hi Stephanie, thank you for helping out your friend. Sleeping rough is a tough situation as it can be hard to find work without a permanent address. Helping your friend make an appointment with the closest local council in Manchester might be one of the best ways that you can help him. They will work with him to determine the best course of action to help him back on his feet again. Perhaps he has tried to get help before but was discouraged. You can help him by being there by his side, helping him complete applications and making sure that he is taking action to get his life back on track. You are a good friend for helping him. Helping him access the counselling programmes at his local council within Greater Manchester is a great first step.