Leeds local welfare support assistance scheme

People with a one-off hardship can get help from the City of Leeds Local Welfare Support Scheme. Using government funds, it was created in an effort to assist the vulnerable that have had their benefits or welfare reduced and that are under exceptional pressure, and it replaces government programmes such as social support.

The city has very limited funds for this scheme, and the aid is for the vulnerable and low income in the city. The council will prioritise help for those families facing a health or safety risk and that do not have other resources available to them. Another aim is to help single vulnerable and anyone on a low income that is facing a financial hardship.

Other people that are struggling from Leeds can apply for the local welfare scheme. These are considered to be homeless or those with a disability. There is also aid, such as food, for older people and rent deposits are prioritised for families that need to resettle or individuals moving out of residential or institutional care. The council also has support for the disabled and the special needs they have. The council always aim to help those under exceptional financial circumstances that are of a one-off nature.

The city council can provide support and basic needs to residents that are struggling as part of the schem, and this is done by offering them vouchers to goods they need. In some cases, a pre-paid card is issued, and the local welfare scheme can provide the following.

  • Help with fuel by issuing a topped off pre-paid card.
  • Food vouchers for a supermarket or referrals to a foodbank.
  • Basic housing items, such as furniture, bedding, clothing, and other white goods.
  • Referrals to housing payment schemes in Leeds, including for rent deposits.

Funds are limited, and applications will require and intake and assessment. They will be closely verified, and any that are fraudulently completed the council will take action against. Any aid is as a last resort, so contact other Leeds based charities or churches first.

The council will also offer Leeds residents other options, especially for applicants that were refused an award. There are budgeting loan from DWP, funds available from credit unions, and some people can get a short term advance from a job centre. When seeking help, eligibility criteria will need to be met, and as an example the advance is for people waiting on benefits or that are applying for welfare. Call the Leeds council, or DWP at 0845 608 8590.

The payments from these organisations can be used for many bills, and they include for traveling, clothing, and home repairs. Another use of these loans can be for housing payments, including expenses such as rent arrears or a deposit.

To apply, or find out more information on the Local Welfare Scheme, call the team at the council that processes applications. The phone number is 0113 376 0330, and make an enquiry to them. Or stop by the main office as applications can be completed in person too.


samantha gardener says:

Hi, I’m a single parent with 5 children and am moving areas any time this week. I am just wanting to know would I be able get help from any one regarding me moving my furniture etc. I can’t get a loan from the social fund as I owe too much. Thanks, Sam Gardener.

samantha gardener says:

I am wanting help with a cooker and fridge freezer for myself and my four children. I’m currently in a private house in Leeds with built in cooker, but it belongs to the landlord and I’m having to move out into a council house. I have applied for a budgeting loan but been refused and been told welfare might be able to help me.