Lambeth borough Emergency Support Scheme

Families that are facing a crisis can apply to the Lambeth Emergency Support Scheme. There may be in kind services provided for residents on a low income that have no resources available to them. This means the council will offer the goods themselves, such as a food voucher or cards approved for only certain expenses, such as heating bills, rather than cash.

People should contact their social worker for more information or to apply. The council also operates a call center for individuals that do not have access to a worker. Before seeking help, individuals should know that the scheme is very limited and any goods are provided at the discretion of the council. They can deny applications as they see fit, and there is no appeal process in place.

Emergency assistance from scheme

The council will arrange for the items to be given to the family, or they may offer vouchers or pre-paid cards that can only be used to pay the goods authorised by the council. In some cases home delivery may be arranged too. Any help is provided at the discretion of the Lambeth council, and some examples of what is covered are below.

Also, the support is for families in a crisis. This can be either they are under exceptional pressure due to an unplanned for emergency, or maybe they need help to continue to live in or resettle into the borough. So those factors will help determine the type of aid that the council will provide.

Vouchers may be issued. They will be for clothing from high street stores or a parcel of groceries from a food bank. Other basic needs can be refurbished white goods or second-hand furniture may be given directly to the household.

When it comes to more financial aid, the scheme can help pay for fuel payments to keep the heat on. Or there is help for home repairs for the disabled and seniors from a handy-man service as well as emergency travel can be provided to places in the Lambeth borough.

The Emergency Support Scheme is for people that have lived in the borough for at least six weeks. There is also assistance for residents leaving a hostel or care home or those fleeing domestic violence. Another key participant will be for people resettling in the borough, and they can get help with setting up a new home or flat. Those situations will normally take priority for any assistance that is arranged by the Lambeth Emergency Support Scheme.

Also, any welfare payments are only for the low income in Lambeth borough. This will normally mean the applicant needs to be in receipt of qualified benefits or a pension, but the council can met exceptions based on any hardship that the family is threatened with.

Vouchers are only issued at most once every six months. The Emergency Support Scheme is limited in the number of awards issued due to its reliance on central government funding. The council will also direct anyone that receives an award to advice services so they can address the cause of the crisis they are facing.

Even if someone is not given an award from the council, they may be assisted by other local programmes, such as Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Budgeting Loan or support from local charities in Lambeth. So many resources are available.

To apply, contact a social worker or anyone can apply at internet access points in the borough, such as libraries or the council office. If those are not options, then residents can ring the council customer support team at 0345 302 2312, and applications can be processed over the phone. A decision will on whether a voucher is issued will normally be made in about 72 hours, but this can vary.