Hertfordshire schemes for rental deposits

There are a few organisations that individuals on a low income can contact for deposit help. The Hertfordshire area agencies use private donations and government funds in an effort to help the homeless or families on a low income with their housing costs, with a priority on paying rental deposits.

Each organization will have eligibility criteria that need to be met, and more information is below. Some of the schemes, such as those from local councils in Hertfordshire, will often prioritize the homeless and most vulnerable in the community. Many of the charities may help a more diverse group of people, such as those facing a crisis or maybe substance misusers. In all cases, the funds available for rent in advance fees or deposits is limited.

In many cases, a social worker from an agency will also help the prospective tenant find a new home in Hertfordshire County as well. They work with landlords who participate in the rent deposit scheme programmes, provide tenancy support, and other aid to the vulnerable.

Housing support from councils in Hertfordshire

People with a connection to Hertsmere can contact the council. They provide those considered in priority need of housing and well as the homeless with a rent deposit guarantee scheme. Other clients are ex-offenders and the disabled. The landlord of the private accommodation also needs to agree to participate in this scheme.

Other aid may be provided too. To apply for help from the Hertsmere Borough Council, contact the Homeless Manager. The phone number is 020 8207 7569, or the office is at Civic Offices, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts, WD6 1WA.

HWAS, or welfare, can in some instances help with a rent deposit. This is a scheme that is limited and is meant to only assist in a crisis, for tenants facing homelessness or that are threatened with a safety crisis. Usually the Hertfordshire County council will help the resident apply for a loan from a credit union, and that money is used for the deposit expense in an emergency. Continue with Hertfordshire Welfare Assistance Scheme.

St Albans District Council will provide a landlord with a guarantee of the deposit. The scheme will help for up to one months worth of rent. This aid is only for the homeless in the area, that pass a credit check, and that also have a referral from a charity or professional care worker. Address is Civic Centre, St Peters Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3JE. Applicants can call 01727 819382, or find more information on St Albans schemes for deposits.

Stevenage Housing Advice and Homelessness Department operates a scheme that can help residents enter into a tenancy agreement. The council will provide a loan that can be used to pay a portion of a rent deposit on a new, approved home or apartment. A offer from the council will need to review all applications and approve the property, however individuals on a low income or reidents looking to resettle can get help for their deposit and other rental costs from this. Read more Stevenage Rent Deposit Scheme from Housing Advice and Homelessness Department.

The Northern Hertfordshire council area assists with both rent in advance and the security deposit. Any aid provided is only for certain properties that have been approved by the council. Some of the clients may be the homeless, vulnerable, and individuals with a low income as well.

The scheme will guarantee the deposit for the landlord. Housing advisors in Northern Hertfordshire will also partner with the client in an effort to find a suitable, private accommodation for them or a social housing site. After they move into it, ongoing tenancy support will be provided by the local council in an effort to help keep them housed and avoid homelessness. Another option is to apply for a housing benefit from the council. The offices are at Gernom Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 3JF, telephone 01462 474492. Residents can learn more on the North Hertfordshire Council deposit guarantee.

Individuals from Rickmansworth area can call on the Three Rivers Council at 01923 776611. They can help both the homeless and people that owe rent arrears. An assessment will need to take place, and based on the results the applicant can learn about any programmes they are eligible for. They provide a rental deposit scheme for prospective tenants that qualify, and also have information on private housing in Rickmansworth, Abbots Langley and Hertfordshire.

Additional deposit schemes available for people on a low income

A drop in centre is available for the homeless as well as the vulnerable in St. Albans. It is located at 19 Watson’s Walk and is for people over the age of age of 18. Volunteers at the charity will work with clients to resettle them, provide meals, clothing, and free advice on local council schemes and local benefits.

DENS runs a scheme known as Rent Aid. This will guarantee the deposit for up to two years, and the charity will offer other support to tenants as well, most of which are offered from the Day Centre. Key workers will meet with clients to understand and address any housing problems they have, and the deposit scheme is for both the homeless and low income. More on DENS low income services.

A charity known as STARSS, or St Albans Rent Secure Scheme, can assist couples as well as single people in the district. It is only for people or families that have a low income. All individuals also need to meet criteria that are set into place by STARSS, and that includes income levels, the person needs to have a local connection, and a source of income. To learn more on the application process, ring them at 01727 819459, or read STARSS rent scheme.

Other housing services are provided by the St Albans Rent Secure Scheme above. Volunteers from the charity will help people apply for PRS properties, assist with completing housing benefit applications, and also signpost for them if needed. The aim is to get the person housed in the Hertfordshire area.

Three Rivers District Councilman assists individuals that are on a council housing register. People from the community will be able to get help from the rent deposit guarantee scheme. Other aid includes free advice as well as practical support for needs, such as furniture and clothing. Social workers from the council will help with obtaining certificates for gas, offer clients access to direct payments of the housing benefits, and more as part of this scheme.

In addition to the bond being issued by the council for the deposit, staff from the housing authority partner with clients to prevent any future recurrence of homelessness. This is a key aim, so they provide ongoing tenancy support for up to six months if not longer. The office is at Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 1LR, telephone 01923 776611, or get more information on rent deposit help in Three Rivers.