Essex rent and deposit schemes

Help is provided for rental deposits to individuals on a low income and the homeless in Essex. People with a local connection can get assistance from schemes provided by councils or charities, and the organisations are committed to preventing homelessness in their local districts.

Many individuals receive assistance from the rent bond guarantees provided by the Chelmsford Council or the Homeless Action Resource Project, however if they do not meet criteria from those organisations then referrals are offered to other local charities. A number of solutions are available in the county.

The homeless or the vulnerable can also receive temporary accommodations from the charities in Essex. While at these centres the clients can also participate in workshops such as budgeting and job training, and partner with social workers on how to maximise their income. This will allow them time and the ability to save money for a rent deposit.

Councils, charities and other not-for-profits partner together to help the homeless find private accommodations in Essex , or resettle families into more affordable properties. The main organisations to call for aid are below.

Deposit schemes and loans provided by councils in Essex

The city of Chelmsford provides a deposit gurantee scheme from the local council. In order to receive help from this programme, the applicant needs to have some type of income, or maybe they are receiving housing benefits from the central government. The council will only guarantee the deposit for a tenant that can sustain the housing on their own in the future.

For more information on the scheme or to get help with locating a PRS property in Essex, call the City of Chelmsford Council. The housing authority, which is located at the main office, can provide other advice to people with a local connection as well, including practical support. The phone number is 01245 606288, and they operate from an office at Duke Street. If eligible, the scheme can cover a deposit that is up to 6 weeks worth of rent expenses. Find more information on how the City of Chelmsford deposit scheme helps families on a low income.

Landlords from Essex can benefit from the Havering Leasing Scheme. For those that participate, it will guarantee the landlord of a private home a monthly income from a credit approved tenant as well as other aid, such as a cash incentive for letting to an individual on a low income for a fixed term. There will also be free repairs done to the home at the end of the tenancy as well as mediation services if needed. The programme is only for housing in the London Borough. The Housing Services Department provides this leasing scheme, and the main centre to apply is Mercury House, Romford, Essex, RM1 3DT, phone 01708 433175.

Maldon District Council will help the homeless and vulnerable find an accommodation in the private sector. Many prospective tenants struggle with paying the rent in advance or a deposit on a new flat, so the council can provide a no interest loan as part of their Rent In Advance Scheme. They will also guarantee the deposit due on a home in the Essex area.

The funds are limited, and it is for people that have not breached a tenancy agreement in the past. Priority for the loan is also on the homeless or families with a local connection to Maldon that are facing poverty. Other housing services will include information on job training, vouchers for furniture or white goods, and free advice. The offices are at Princes Road, Maldon, Essex. Call 01621 854477 to make an appointment, or read more on the deposit and rent schemes in Maldon District.

Another option is Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. They assist individuals in priority need, people with physical disabilities or mental illness, the homeless, and those with a low income. Referrals to the scheme provided by the council need to come from local charities or churches in the borough.

Clients can get help from the rent deposit loan scheme from the council. Funds will be issued to the private landlord to help pay the deposit for up to one month. The tenant will need to agree to a repayment plan with the council. Many other housing services are also provided, including help in locating affordable private accommodations, inspections of the home, legal support, and advisers can also help the client by fast tracking applications for housing benefits. Address is Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS2 6ER, or call 01702 215002. Or find more information on Southend loans for paying deposits.

Uttlesford Council – At the discretion of the council, they may be able to help with a rent deposit as part of the Exceptional Hardship Fund (EHF). Applicants need to be out of all other options, and have applied for help from other charity schemes or government programmes first. Also, since cash from EHF is limited, the council may offer support using other means. Any assistance with a rent in advance payment or deposit is only provided as a last resort to residents of the borough that are on a low income and out of all other solutions. More on the Uttlesford Exceptional Hardship Fund.

Additional housing support

Basildon Community Resource Centre can provide free advice on applying for rent deposit schemes, and staff can help complete forms and applications. Other services can help with obtaining housing benefits, and the centre provides signposting to other housing payment assistance programmes and charities. The vulnerable and people in poverty are the main clients, and read Basildon Community Resource Centre low income programmes.

Mediation and referrals are provided by CHESS. The advice is for people with a local connection to Chelmsford that are over the age of 18. Specialists from the charity will meet with the tenant and the landlord to mediate any disputes on rent arrears or over damage deposits. The aim of the charity is to find a solution that prevents homelessness, and the mediation hotline number is 01245 281104. Read more on CHESS housing services including the Sustaining Private Tenancies scheme.

Streets 2 Homes of West Essex provides assistance to the homeless. The charity, which can be called at 01279 430011, operates a drop in centre. People that need help can get free advice on programmes that can help them move into social or private housing. They have information on the local council rent schemes, job training, and even free hot meals. Find how services from Streets2Homes help the vulnerable.

Homeless Action Resource Project is for families in Southend-On-Sea. The charity offers housing services for the homeless, and this include substance misusers or people with a physical disability. A number of programmes are provided to clients, including information on credit unions that provide loans for rent deposits as well as housing benefits.

Appointments can be set up and people can get help in applying for assistance from the programme known as HARP. The centre will also provide applications for benefits or advisers can offer information on the local council deposit schemes as well as other aid. Address is 117 York Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2DL, or ring the charity at 01702 615000. Many other services are also available from the Project, and continue with HARP emergency assistance.

The Nacro Harlow office, located at Shield House Elizabeth Way, is part of the national charity for ex-offenders. People with a history of offending, with priority to the young, can receive free advice from a specialist. If eligible, Nacro will help clients apply for housing benefits, place them into emergency accommodations or hostels, and refer them to bond guarantee schemes from councils in Essex. The aim is to help ensure the person does not re-offend in the future. Phone – 1279 443303.

The April Centre has volunteers and advisers that provide housing services to the vulnerable. Among the assistance provided includes help in completing applications for housing benefits, signposting, and referrals. The charity will also place people into temporary accommodations, and provide them free food parcels if they need a meal. The address is 12b Mersea Road, Colchester, CO2 7EX. Telephone is 01206 500509, or find more information on the housing assistance from April Centre.

Housing Aid Scheme, or EFHAS, will guarantee the deposit to people looking to start a tenancy in Essex. While funding is limited, the charity may be able to provide assistance for up to four weeks worth of the rental costs. This financial aid is also combined with free legal advice, referrals to government benefits, and the charity will provide other housing services in partnership with the council. The charity can be called at 01992 573655, or learn more on the deposit guarantees from Epping Forest Housing Aid Scheme.

King Street Housing Society manages a deposit guarantee scheme for families on a low income with a connection to the Uttlesford district. The not-for-profit charity organization partners with the local council on this scheme, and together they review applications and provide free advice to clients.

There are many criteria that need to be met by applications to King Street. The society will usually ask for a guarantor or credit checks on the prospective tenant. If the landlord required any rent in advance, the Uttlesford Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme will not address this, and the applicant needs to pay that on their own. Any funds paid out are at the discretion of the King Street Housing Society as well. Call 1223 312294 for applications, or find more information on King Street Housing deposit schemes.