Enfield grants from Emergency Support Scheme

The Emergency Support Scheme can provide residents of the Enfield borough with a grant of up to £1,500. The council provides this support as part of the welfare programme, and any funds issued are at their discretion. Household expenses, such as for food or housing costs for moving into a new home, can be paid for or provided. More information on the application process and the uses of the grants is below.

The aim is to assist families on a low income or other people that are threatened by a exceptional circumstances. Since funding is limited, priority is to address a health risk before it gets worse. All applications will be assessed by the team at the Enfield council office, and all payments made for needs ranging from food to housing is at the discretion of the council.

Assistance from Enfield Council

At most, £1,500 is paid. However most families receive much less than this. The application process is also strict, as noted below, and the council will only allow certain bills to be paid. The payments will be either in the form of a grant or vouchers. The Emergency Support Scheme is cash limited, and money will rarely be paid out. The council will restrict the use of the funds. Uses of the grants from the scheme are as follows.

  • Furniture can be provided, usually from a charity shop, for those resettling or leaving care.
  • Food, including vouchers, are issued. The council will also signpost people to Enfield charity food banks.
  • If a health crisis issue involves a shut off of heat, then grants can pay for a pre-paid card for fuel bills.
  • Other uses can be white goods, appliances, or critical expenditures.
  • Vouchers may be issued for a local Enfield supermarket for specific grocery items.

Criteria for Emergency Support Scheme

First, any financial aid is limited. It depends on central government funding levels, and the council is under no obligation to assist residents. When applying, the following criteria need to be met, and priority will also be made for certain people.

The money is allocated to the council on a yearly basis. Any emergency aid is paid out first come and served, and many applications will be declined. Information will be provided to the reason for this, and residents should not that fraud on the applications will be addressed.

  • The applicant needs to be local to Enfield for 6 weeks, or have some type of connection to the borough.
  • All people need to be over the age of 16.
  • Grants will be prioirtised for residents in poverty or on benefits.
  • The Emergency Support Scheme is a last resort, so applicants can’t have family to help them or any savings available.
  • Funds are only issued at most once every six months.

Priority is for people leaving institution, hospital or residential home. Also, if a health issued is being faced, such as lack of fuel or heat, then grants will be aimed at those residents as well. The other criteria above will still need to be met as well.

Since the amount of the payment will not solve the crisis completely, this means the client will need to enroll into Enfield Citizens Advice Bureau workshops. They will help the resident reduce their debts and address money management needs. The course is required from all applicants.

To apply, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau will process applications. They can be called at 020 8375 4170. Grants may be rewarded to certain qualified families. It may take several days. All funds are discretionary, and the council will tell the family what bills can be paid, and no appeals can be made.


Nazma Ahmed says:

Hi, l live in Enfield. My older son going secondary school in September 2016 and his going special school he is autism. I need to buy his school uniform but I can’t unable to afford it. Please can you send me uniform grant from Emergency Support Scheme from so I can apply uniform grant. Thank you.

Jane Silcott says:

I am in desperate need for a grant from the Enfield Emergency Scheme. I only get income support and carers allowance which is £82 to live on. I have twins of 17 who are not in college or education or work. I get zero money for them. I can’t manage on £82 a week. I can’t pay any bills and have no food in cupboards without the help of the emergency grant. I also have a disabled son of 28 living at home as well. Please can you contact me via phone as I can’t retrieve my emails due to loss of password.

Ceylan solgun says:

Hi, I live in Enfield. My daughter will be starting secondary school in September. I am getting job seekers allowance and I can not afford to buy her uniform. Can you please send me an application form for the emergency welfare grant to apply for the uniform. Please get in touch as soon as possible.

D ST HILL says:

Good Morning,
I live in Enfield. My eldest son will be starting secondary school in September 2016. I need to buy school uniform but I am unable to afford it. I am in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and need help and support in order to purchase his uniform.
Can you please send me an application form for a grant from the Emergency Scheme so that I can apply. I would like to get a grant to assist me to buy his uniform.

Eleni Panayiotou says:

I’m currently on universal credit and have been signing on since 24th February.
I’m in a very difficult situation as with the benefit I get it does not cover my rent. I would like to say how the Emergency Support Scheme can assist. Right now UC leaves me short of £100 and is also leaving me not able to pay my utility bills. I have no now no food in my house in Enfield.
The universal credit scheme has left me completely penniless to the point I cannot even travel easily to interviews. My car insurance has also been cancelled.
I desperately need assistance from the Support Scheme and no one in Enfield seems to be advising as to the best way forward.

Donna Jackson says:

I live in Enfield.
I would like to know about The Emergency Support Scheme. I am struggling paying my electricity, gas, water rates, TV licence, telephone bill and council tax. I would like a grant for these bills. I receive Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance at low rates. I cannot afford to buy food, bed, or wardrobe because I am paying for my bills. This is leaving me no money to buy clothes or shoes to wear.
Can I send the application to the Support Scheme in Enfield? As I want to apply for a grant from the welfare assistance scheme. Also please send more information by post address below.