Assistance with rent deposit Devon

Across Devon and cities such as Exeter, several charity organizations provide help to those in need of housing. The rent deposit schemes are provided by organisations to individuals and low income families. Several other housing services are also available, including referrals to rent in advance programmes and ongoing tenancy support.

While the aim is to help the homeless, funds are limited. Many of the charities, such as CHAT, can only assist a small number of people. However, if an agency can meet your need, then referrals are usually offered. This can range from temporary accommodations to hostels that may be available in Devon.

Information on rent deposit services from a council or housing authority

The city Council in Exeter runs EXtraLet and also offer a bond guarantee for the damage deposit. The homeless from the area can get assistance in finding a Private Rented Section (PRS) property as well as paying any rent in advance that is due. Other help is for fast tracking a housing benefit application and more. Telephone number is 01392 265 685, or read more on the deposit schemes in Exeter as well as the application process.

South Hams District Council is a government agency or local authority that provides a Deposit Guarantee Scheme to the vulnerable. This is run in partnership of the West Devon as well as by South Hams Borough Council. Clients need to be moving into a private rented tenancy and either be homeless or faced with eviction. The location of the application site is Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totness, Devon, TQ9 5NE. For information on the scheme, call 01803 861169. Or people looking into starting a tenancy agreement can learn more on how the West Devon and South Hams deposit scheme helps during their time of need.

The Welfare Scheme from the Devon Council can help with paying a rent deposit in a crisis. The funds are only provided to individuals on a low income that are facing a financial crisis, and the money is also provided as a last resort. The grant from the council is aimed on helping with a deposit if it will resettle a family into an affordable property, but the funds can also be used for other bills too, such as food. Find more information how to apply for funds from the Devon Local Welfare Assistance Scheme and to get referrals to other housing services.

Torbay County provides one time emergency help. Any financial aid is at the discretion of the council, but in some cases the welfare scheme may be able to assist with rent deposits for the low income. There may also be vouchers for furniture or household goods. This programme relies on government funding, and the amount of assistance for housing or deposits is limited and comes with restrictions. Continue with Torbay Crisis Support scheme.

Westcountry Housing Association and Smartmove is for those in priority need and the homeless. Other help can be for ex-offenders, those facing homelessness, and individuals in poverty. Assistance includes signposting for benefits, free furniture, advice for tenants, and other referrals if needed. Landlords from Exeter can also benefit from the mediation and deposit programmes provided. Address is Mortimer House Grendon Rd., Exeter, EX1 2NL, or call the local association.

A Bond Guarantee Scheme is also available at West Devon Borough Council for the homeless with a local connection. The landlord needs to agree to it, however the scheme can help with both the deposit as well as any rent in advance that may be due. Staff from the council will also advise on applying for community care grants or other loans. Additional tenant services are legal advice, referrals, and ongoing support. The address is Kilworthy Park, Drake Road, Tavistock, PL19 0BZ. The telephone number is 01822 813600, or continue with deposit schemes in West Devon.

Charities that offer housing and deposit help in Devon

Cornwall residents can get help for housing too. There are loans from a homeless prevention scheme. The government and not-for profits provide financial help for tenants on a low income and the formerly homeless. Find more details on Cornwall homeless prevention loans.

The Mid Devon and Tiverton area is served by the Churches Housing Action Team, or CHAT. The Christian based charity helps resettle the homeless by offering them access to a deposit guarantee scheme. Volunteers will also provide the client with free advice and other forms of support. CHAT operates from an office at 28 Gold Street, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 6PY. For information on the scheme, call them at 01884 255606, or read more on CHAT churches.

St Petrock’s Centre helps the vulnerable and homeless in the community too. They operate from 10 Cathedral Yard, Exeter, EX1 1HJ. They can offer emergency housing and referrals to deposit assistance. The aim is to assist those people that are facing a one time crisis. They also coordinate resettlement in Devon and can provide referrals to councils or not-for profits. Telephone is 01392 217550, or read St. Petrock’s support services.

Community Housing Aid provides the Devon SmartMove programme. It is run by volunteers from the Exeter community. People that are referred by the local council and that need housing can apply for help with their rent deposit. The staff from the charity will review the applications and explore solutions, such as a guarantee or other schemes. Clients include the homeless, ex-offenders, those with a physical disability and even youth. Address is McCoys Arcade Fore Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3AN. Phone: 01392 429298, or find more details on Community Housing Aid deposit schemes.

The North Devon SmartMove Partnership and Encompass help both couples and single people under the age of 34. The office is at 1 Howard Avenue, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 8QA. Any aid is for those that are not in priority need and that are currently homeless. They also provide advice to landlords in the Devon area, including mediation services.

When applying for rent deposit assistance, the applicant will go through an assessment process. Based on the results, they can be eligible for Cash Deposits, support in locating a private accommodations, and also free advice on tenant services. Call the agency at 01271 321171 for information or referrals.

PATH is a charity that runs the Renting Support Service Scheme. There are options in Plymouth, Teignbridge as well as Torbin. It is for a wide range of people, including those with rent or debt arrears, substance misusers, individuals with mental health issues, and the disabled, among others. Applicants also need to be on a low income and be from the local town.

Clients can get help in applying for community care grants or Bond Guarantees on their deposits from this not-for profit. Specialists will also inspect a property for them as well as offer other support and referrals, including even to furniture programmes. The council needs to provide a referral for this particular scheme, or the person can talk to a Housing Options Team in Plymouth. The centre is at P28-42, Harwell Court Western Approach, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 1PY. Call 01752 255889, or read PATH housing services.

Teignbridge residents that are housing vulnerable can also get help from PATH. As the charity also runs a renting service for that city as well. For this programme, the person needs to be eligible for a housing benefit and be able to soon be living independently. For those homeless individuals that are eligible, a Deposit Guarantee will be provided that is worth up to 12 months of rent expenses. It is run in partnership with the Teignbridge council.

During their stay in the accommodation, the tenant will need to save a portion of their income so that they can pay for the deposit on their own in the future. Or they can work with staff from PATH on applying for a loan or other rent in advance service. A number of other services are offered by the charity, including inspections of the home, job placement, landlord mediation, and much more. Call them at 01626 215374, or the office address is Forde House, Newton Abbott, Devon, TQ12 4XX.


Nathalie Elesia says:

Hello, I am currently unemployed, and having to find somewhere to live in Devon. My circumstances are that my mums house that I am living in is sold, and the family will be moving in soon. My mums in Lincolnshire so she cannot help me with a rent deposit.
I have been advised to go down the private rent, but I am really struggling to get a deposit together as I am on Universal credit so its difficult and I am unemployed. All of this comes with stress and a headache. I am looking for houses or flats in Plymouth or Devon.
Can you help with deposits for houses or flats. I will also need to get housing benefit but I know that is a council thing. If you can help me or advise me that would be very much appreciated.