Darlington help from welfare crisis support scheme

Welfare in the Darlington Borough is available as part of the council’s Social Fund. This is a discretionary scheme in which the council will provide financial help to families that are on a low income and facing a hardship. Another part of welfare, community care, will assist a resident with either relocating to new housing in the borough or help them remain living there.

While the Darlington Council will never provide the applicant with cash for paying for bills or housing, what they may do instead is either give the household the goods they need, such as clothing, furniture, or appliances. Or the council may provide a voucher or pre-paid card for paying certain bills, such as energy costs. This is done in an effort so the council controls exactly how the Social Fund scheme is used.

Application process for welfare in Darlington

The individual needs to be on a low income and also either currently receiving benefits or applying for them. They also need to over the age of 16 and of course local to the Darlington borough. Other eligibility criteria will need to be met as well, depending on the type of aid that someone is seeking.

The Darlington crisis support is for people on a low income that are faced with an unplanned for emergency and that do not have the money to address it. The council may also assist families impacted by a disaster such as flooding or a gas explosion or fire.

The aim of the council is to provide support in the form of the goods themselves or a voucher. As an example, clothing or furniture may be given to a family impacted by a fire. Or if the applicant is out of food or behind on their energy bills, then a parcel may be provided or a pre-paid card for utilities. Other emergency assistance may a voucher to pay for a taxi to get to a hospital or vouchers for local food banks in Darlington.

When there is furniture, it is for an emergency only. the Darlington welfare scheme provides sofas, beds, tables, and essential items. The goods will be secondhand. Find a list of emergency furniture schemes.

Any crisis support is at the discretion of the council and they will assess the needs of the applicant and provide help as they see fit. All Social Funds are also limited and will run out over the course of the year. Residents of the borough will only get support if they do not have any other resources or access to financial assistance.

Housing needs are met by community care. This will help people move from a hospital or unstable accommodations to a new, more affordable home in the Darlington borough. Or if someone is in an unsafe property, then the Darlington Social Fund can help pay for a deposit on an new property or even a portion of the moving costs. Another service provided by the council is a referral to programmes for paying for up front housing costs, and read Durham County deposit scheme.

In some cases, the council will combine community care as well as crisis support. This means that not only will the council help the person move into a new home, but they will also provide furniture, bedding, utensils and other white goods that may be needed for it.

Both of the programmes are only for residents on a low income with no extra income or savings available to them. Anyone can stop by the Darlinton Town Hall to apply for the schemes, or they can call the council office at 01325 388514.

A support worker from the council will take the information and make an assessment. If the person is not eligible, they may be referred to partner organisations such as First Stop Darlington or the 700 Club. So struggling residents have many options available to them.