County Durham help from rent and deposit schemes

Residents of County Durham have a few different charities to call upon for help with a deposit payment. There are also several organisations that provide other housing services, and it ranges from free advice to temporary accommodations. Some of the agencies, such as the 700 Club, also partner with councils in the area on the schemes.

Priority for any financial aid is for the homeless and housing vulnerable, and there are also rent deposit schemes for people with a physical disability, ex-offenders, youth and the elderly in Durham. Families or individuals that receive help will need to work towards living independently, and the Durham firms will make sure this occurs.

Ex-offenders in Durham can drop in at the office of Developing Initiatives for Support in the Community, or DISC. There is even assistance for people that may be at risk of offending. The aim of DISC is to help the individual with placement into housing, which may help them live a crime free life.

Specialists from the agency will provide clients with information and help in applying for housing benefits. There is also assistance in locating and paying a rental deposit on a new accommodation, and when the individual is placed into a home, DISC will also offer furniture and household items. The scheme provided is a guarantee to the landlord for the deposit, and this will usually help the landlord feel more confident in letting to an ex-offender. The telephone number is 01325 731 160.

SHAID is for young people in County Durham. Individuals seeking help from this not-for profit charity need to be age 25 or younger. The housing office at the agency can assist a young person both move into an accommodation in the private rented sector, and there is ongoing support to help them maintain the tenancy. SHAID also has information on Durham rent and deposit schemes, and clients can get help in applying for them or a housing allowance. The address is 94a Front Street, Stanley, County Durham, DH9 0HU, call 01207 238241 for information.

700 Club provides a few assistance programmes. The homeless in Durham and individuals that are housing vulnerable can apply for the Bond Guarantee Scheme, which helps the prospective tenant with a deposit payment. The organization also has other services as well, most of which are for residents of Darlington only.

Temporary housing is available at the Lodge, which is a hostel run by the charity. It provides shelter to the homeless, free food, and other needed items. Social workers from the 700 Club will also help an individual resettle once they leave the lodge, and there may be funds for rent in advance, or the individual can apply for the Bond Guarantee Scheme. The not-for-profit has an office at Grange Road Baptist Church, and they can be called at 01325 366397. Or find more information on 700 Club housing assistance and schemes, or ask the council for a referral.

Consett Churches – This is a group of local charities and churches. They partner to prevent homelessness and resettle individuals into temporary or permanent accommodations. There are services for the disabled, young people, and elderly too.

The main office of the church is at Medomsley Road, Consett, and can be called at 01207 218033. Clients can not only get housing assistance, but there are also furniture schemes, job training, and other aid from the churches. Find information on the housing provided by Consett Churches.

Four Housing assists with sustaining a tenancy and they also help the homeless or low income apply for rent deposits. The charity provides numerous services in Durham, with an aim of preventing homelessness and also assisting individuals and families with settling into private accommodations. In addition to applications for housing benefits, deposit schemes, and similar support, they help appeal denials and offer advice. Read Four Housing assistance services.

Schemes from the government and housing authorities

The Durham council has different services they provide to both tenants as well as people that are seeking housing. For people that need help in paying a rent deposit, there is a bond guarantee that is available. In addition, a Housing Solutions team has been established by the council, and the specialists can help with completing applications, provide information on housing benefits, offer placement into emergency shelters, and signpost a client to other schemes for rent in advance. This is all offered in addition to the Durham Council bond for deposits.

The county provides a Welfare Scheme to families facing a crisis. The funds from this programme can help with household costs such as furniture and bedding, however in some cases there may be a grant for the rent deposit payment that is owed to a landlord. The scheme is run in partnership with charities such as Help and Advice Network, or HAND, and learn how the Welfare Assistance Scheme in Durham assists with housing and rent expenses.