CDFHS assistance schemes

Many forms of assistance are provided by CDFHS, but the main one is their furniture scheme. The charity provides help to the needy in County Durham. Whether it is a free bed, washing machine, household goods, pre-built computer, or other furniture items, support is given in an effort to help alleviate poverty.

Free households goods are the main scheme provided by CDFHS though. Over 2000 people that are local to County Durham receive help each month. Not only can people pick the items up, but there is also a low cost delivery service that extends about 10 miles from the warehouse on Avenue 3. The only money that is due for the delivery is to pay for the petrol that the van or truck uses. There are no fees due to the movers that bring the household goods.

Many types of supplies may be given from this Furniture Scheme. There are washing machines, pots or pans, full bedroom suites, cutlery, couches, and much more. Mums and dads can also get items for their children, including toys. This is also combined with the CDFHS White Goods Project Scheme. Items including washing machines and heaters are passed out to families on a low income. The white goods are inspected first to ensure they are in working order.

Another service is low cost computers for sale or repairs. CDFHS understands that coming up with the funds to pay for a pre-built machine can be challenging for a family on a low income. Or if the applicant is jobless, they too may struggle to get the money for that large expense. This is why CDFHS has a department on site as well as volunteers on at the Warehouse that build computers for sale, or they repair existing ones. Note there are some costs involved in this, and it is not a free scheme.

There is also linkage to food pantries as well as welfare schemes in Durham County. CDFHS is but one of the options in the area to apply for grants as well as vouchers for paying bills, acquiring food, and more. While they focus on given free furniture to the needy, many clients need more aid. They request food parcels, welfare grants, housing, and more. CDFHS therefore sends people to the local council for most of the aid. But people can also try Trussel Trust food banks, CAB, and other agencies.

Volunteer or donate at CDFHS

Not only does the registered charity provide free items, including food and furniture, but members of the community can also volunteer to work there. This will give some people much needed experience for their Cvs. With the job market requiring more and more skills, and experience that someone has can be valuable to their career.

CDFHS will give volunteers many opportunities to learn. The charity is set up like a true workplace, so volunteers learn applicable skills that they would otherwise gain from any company. Volunteering can help build a CV out, give people computer skills, and much more.

Donate to the warehouse too. Not only is the aim to help the poor, but CDFHS also helps save tonnes of items from entering the local Durham County refuse system. This is why donations are critical to keeping the charity operating. Without people bringing furniture, or volunteering to help keep the doors open, individuals would not be able to get assistance. Bring old computers, chairs, and any household supplies.

The services are provided at the CDFHS Warehouse. The post is Unit 19 & 20, Avenue 3, Chilton Industrial Estate, County Durham, DL17 0PB. Ring 01388 721509 for applications.


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