Buttle UK grants for young people and children

All of the grants provided by Buttle UK are for covering needs of children as well as young people. The are four different solutions provided by the charity, and they include for school fees, the Small Grants Programme, The Anchor Project, and other general support for youth. One scheme is also focused on people impacted by domestic violence. The aim of each of the grants is to offer some form of financial assistance to help young people in the UK make it through a difficult period.

Basic needs of children can be met by the Small Grants programme. This is more for essential items that can help the child grow and develop. As an example of what may be provided as part of the scheme, there may be beds that can lead to a better nights sleep. Some families with children struggle to prepare healthy meals, so fridges or cookers may be provided.

These grants are for families living in poverty with a young child at home. Many of the applicants also have a disability, illness, or behavioral problem. The aim is to address a critical situation that the household is faced with, or help them cover the bills for the essential household goods. This particular component of the Buttle UK services is offered in partnership with many voluntary and local authorities, such as councils as well as the BBC Children In Need Emergency Essentials Programme.

Young people that are estranged can get support from Buttle UK. With the roll backs in benefits being made by the government, many of these individuals can’t get their basic needs met. Some can’t afford to pay for food or housing. So if the child has no financial support from their guardians or parents, then grants of up to £2,000 may be issued for living expenses.

Funds from Buttle UK can be used for a number of expenses to help the estranged person gain stability. There may be cash for rent deposits for a home, furniture, food, clothing, start up home costs and more. The charity also partners with councils and not-for-profits that address homelessness, as many that are estranged due end up sleeping rough.

Another aim is to help the young person that is estranged gain education or employment. So a grant can be used to pay for the bills that are created as a result of these activities. There may be cash to pay for a computer for their studies, equipment for a job training opportunity, travel costs or even new interview clothes.

Buttle UK will also provide counselling. This is a key service for many estranged, vulnerable people as it can help them build confidence and relationships. Once the estranged person has some form of job, they can often move forward with their lives and maybe even rebuild relationships.

Children from vulnerable families can receive a grant for paying their school fees. Buttle UK can also extend this form of financial aid to those students with emotional, health, or family challenges as well. It is for those under the age of 19. As part of this, there may be assistance in paying for the costs associated with secondary education.

This aid is for special circumstances. For example, there may be grants for those that can’t get their needs met by the government’s education system. So it is offered when there are no other options. If there are no alternatives to state educational, then this School Fees programme can be applied to.

The eligibility criteria include the school must be previously selected and approved. There can also be funds for students that are in Local Authority Care. Some of the clients are for single parent families or maybe one parent has a disability.

Anchor Project grants are used for victims of domestic violence, and this is run in partnership with the City Bridge Trust. There can be funds for both children and people under the age of 19. Must of this financial aid is focused on housing expenses.

Victims of domestic violence can apply for Buttle UK grants, and the charity can give them up to £2,000. The reason that most of this aid is provided is for housing payments, such as for rent or utility bills, is that many survivors of violence need to move to a new, safe home or flat. The grant can help them meet this need.

Other uses of the Anchor Project are for moving the person to independent living. So the applicant will meet with a support worker and a holistic approach is taken to get them what they need. All aspects, such emotional, physical and developmental needs of the domestic violence victim are addressed. There may be beds given to them for their new home, white goods, or grants to pay for the deposit or rent in advance due.

The team at Buttle UK can also decide to issue grants for other types of bills, as long as they fall into one of the four categories above. For more information, or to apply for assistance, the charity is at 5 Greycoat Place, London, SW1P 1SB, or the telephone number is 020 7828 7311.


Gemma Bell says:

Hi there, I was wondering if I was able to get any help with my current situation from Buttle Grants. I’m a 29 year old single mum with young children.
I work full time, my working tax credits has recently been stopped and I have fallen in to a large amount of rent arrears just over a thousand pounds worth, so the council are taking me to court. Am I able to receive any type of help with this please?