Blackpool discretionary support scheme grant fund

Residents of Blackpool can seek help from the discretionary support scheme fund. There is a limited budget in place in which the council will provide financial aid to families on a low income or state benefits. The grants from the fund will prioritise health or safety issues, such as for food, housing expenses such as energy bills, or household goods.

When an award is provided by the local authorities, there will not be cash issued by the discretionary support scheme. Instead a pre-paid card will be loaded for paying certain bills. The money will be paid out in as little as 10 days.

Or the household will be provided with the household items they need, such as furniture or white goods. The authorities will decide the method of payment. Any funds are for short-term needs only and can help the family make it through an emergency.

Discretionary support scheme homeless prevention

Grants from welfare are combined with help from the Blackpool Housing Options Team. Welfare can be used to address a short term emergency and aims to keep a family together. The scheme will also keep older people living in their home.

Awards from the welfare scheme are combined with discretionary housing payments (DHP) for paying rent arrears. This means that for a family on a low income that is on benefits, but the monthly rent is higher that the government aid, DHP will pay the difference in those costs. When the support scheme comes in to help is if the tenant has a short term loss in wages, then the local welfare scheme may assist for a short period of time.

Other assistance from Blackpool welfare scheme

The council will also allow grants to help pay for other living expenses. All expenses need to be approved by the authorities, and a pre-paid card will be used instead of cash. Government funds can pay for energy bills, especially heating costs during the winter. In particular this will help keep a home warm and safe.

A crisis can also be caused by lack of food. While the council will signpost a resident to a local independent or Trussell Trust run food bank, if that is not an option, then assistance can be provided to help the family buy groceries. The amount of food will normally feed a family for a few days.

Other expenses paid by a grant include emergency travel, funeral costs, and other bills that need to be addressed for safety issues. The Blackpool council will decide this when a resident is applying.

To apply for Blackpool discretionary support scheme, all applications will be assessed by the authorities. They are under no obligation to provide help. Once the budget has been exhausted, then no other people can be assisted for that year.

Grants are given to families on allow income or benefits. Applicants will of course need to be local to Blackpool and need to have proof of income, expenses, and a budget. If a household does not qualify for benefits, but if they meet other criteria from the Social Security Persons from Abroad legislation, welfare grants may still be provided to them.

Priority is also for the vulnerable. There are several criteria which may satisfy this Blackpool council requirement, and they include someone with a disability or mental health condition. Priority is on the homeless, single mums with children, older people on state pensions, and people fleeing violence. Other criteria may qualify too.

Financial help from welfare can only be applied to once every 12 months. Grants are for dealing with short term bills and not aimed at preventing poverty. However the council can signpost a family to other resources if that is there need.

For more information on, or to apply for the welfare scheme, call the council office at 01253 477600.


Kerri kennedy says:

Hi, I am writing on behalf of my father in law. He is currently living in Blackpool but due to very ill health and no family support there is trying to get back to Crewe where all his family live. I have applied to Cheshire Home choice and got him signed up. But after filling in all medical forms and applying for houses it has come to his attention that he owes £819 to Wulvern from rent arrears from back in January 2012.
He said he was on JSA awaiting ESA due to having a pacemaker fitted at that time and doesn’t recall having any rent arrears. But because of this he can’t move until it’s paid off. My husband or myself or any family members aren’t in a financial situation to be able to pay this money back in a lump sum due to having to travel to Blackpool and back for appointments with him.
We are all very concerned as like I say he really isn’t a well man. He has angina, pacemaker, COPD, suffers with depression and isn’t able to wash, cook or look after himself properly. I have been told to get in touch with yourselves to see if you can help and hopefully help get him moved ASAP.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Elizabeth Couldwell says:

I moved up to Darwen a few months ago to live with my partner although we have had a relationship breakdown and I haven’t got the house anymore. So I have now moved back down to Blackpool to stay with a friend although I cannot stay there long. I am looking for a one bedroom studio/flat for myself and a grant to pay for it. I cannot afford the agency fees, bond and upfront rent for that as I have no money at all.
I was wanting to know if I could get some help with applying for a grant scheme towards the costs to getting me a one bedroom flat/studio.