Adur food banks

Adur residents are served by community food banks that step in during lean times. These volunteer-run facilities are committed to the wellbeing of those that live in the towns and rural areas of this West Sussex enclave.

There are currently two partners of the national Trussell Trust charity that provide supplemental grocery items to lower income households. Each location receives direct donations from grocery stores, businesses and even individuals that live nearby. Aid is provided locally from locally donated items.

Help is provided through a parcel that is specially packaged to meet the needs of an average size family. It can actually provide all of the basic essentials needed for three days. Actual items depend on the donations received as well as demand for aid during the month. Everything is non-perishable and in-date.

Shoreham Foodbank is a primary distributor of nutritional aid to poor families in Adur. The local distribution centre provides parcels of food available for pickups to approved individuals and families.

This project is made possible thanks to the support of Trussell Trust, but also thanks to the many churches that contribute to the overall relief effort. Church of Christ the King is a central partner, providing local leadership for the effort. The church is a member of the Adur Churches Forum which helped to launch the new operation in 2013.

To receive aid through Shoreham Foodbank, residents must first receive a voucher from a money adviser. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau issues many of these vouchers to residents who have met with a budget counselor. Shoreham CAB provides free advice as well as referrals to clients so they can receive a parcel. Residents may schedule an appointment with a CAB adviser by calling 0344 477 1171. Offices are at the Adur Civic Centre on Ham Road. Those with a voucher may check on pickup times by calling Shoreham Food Bank at 07908 143313.

Worthing Foodbank is one of the longest running pantries in Britain. Thousands of local families have received aid dating back to the centre’s opening in 2006. Similar to other sites operated with support of Trussell Trust, a three day supply of nutritional items are provided in a parcel. Volunteers even provide a hot drink upon pickup.

Many clients receive a voucher at the Central and South Sussex CAB in Worthing (telephone 03444 771 171), although there are actually about 80 community partners that can issue this to someone in need. Anyone seeking a voucher may call Worthing Foodbank at 07918 759664 to request information on agencies that can provide a voucher. On days that the distribution centre is closed, enquiries may be directed to Jubilee Church at 07767 115943. While Jubilee runs the service, the physical location is at the corner of Steyne Gardens and Brighton Road (site of Cornerstone Methodist Church).

Lancing and Sompting Basics Bank also provides parcels that can feed a family of four for three days. Area churches lead donation drives where hundreds of pounds of food items are received from local benefactors. A voucher is also needed to participate in the handout scheme, and these are distributed by professionals that have met with the clients and feel that additional support is warranted. Social Services and health professionals are just part of this system of referrals and arrangements. Lancing CAB (telephone 03444 771 171) issues dozens of vouchers for the Basics Bank.

Enquires may be directed to the office at Lancing Tabernacle Church. Telephone is 01903 753660. Additional information can be obtained through Lancing Village Action (telephone 01903 854980).

Worthing Churches provides local support to the Family Support Work charity. This arrangement provides more than just a food donation centre. It actually takes a unique approach to delivering aid to families. The service is discreet, allowing families the benefit of receiving a valuable food hamper without being noticed by neighbours or friends. The expectation is that this confidentiality allows for many families to participate when they might otherwise be too proud to ask for help.

Enquiries about Family Support Work can be directed to 01903 232183. For local information about requesting aid, residents may call Worthing Churches at 01903 523836.

Worthing Churches Homeless Project provides separate programmes that feed those who have been sleeping rough. Enquiries may be made by calling 01903 227829 or by visiting St Clare’s Day Centre at Marine Place in Worthing.