Assistance with rent, bills, and debts

Families that need help with paying their bills, including rent, energy costs, or food expenses can get information from the Clearinghouse. Many other bills often need to be paid as well, including any outstanding debts or loans to your creditors. There are a number of different social schemes available from both the government and private charity organisations to assist the vulnerable.

The resources available, including financial assistance or grants from welfare as well as charities, can help you get through a short term economic hardship.  This public service provides information on these financial aid programmes that can give you a break on delinquent bills and expenses. Some of these programmes are funded by the government. Others are paid for by your local charities, councils or other not-for-profit organisations.

Everything that you struggle to pay could be helped by a programme that meets that need. There are resources available for vulnerable and low income families as well as individuals that are facing an emergency. We evaluate the schemes from the government as well as councils. We also asses charities that provide assistance and help you find the most likely services that could meet your needs.

Some of the services available provide several financial benefits for your community. Another place to try for help is a local church, as they assist the vulnerable and struggling. For example, there may be some of the following.

  • Find help for rental arrears from loans from councils as well as charities.
  • If you need free advice for paying debts or access to counselling, there is help available.
  • Vouchers can be provided to the vulnerable, including seniors, the disabled, refugees, or those households in poverty from local emergency welfare schemes.
  • Tenants seeking housing or those threatened by evictions from their landlord can get help from rent deposit schemes, which are also available to pay for private housing for the homeless.
  • Agencies across the UK provide grants or interest free loans to struggling families, and the money can be used to pay for transportation, educational or job training costs, heating bills, food, rent and much more. Find how to apply for grants or vouchers for paying bills.

Families on a low income are often faced with several others financial hardships. They need information on government and charitable schemes, motivation from quotes or sayings to make it through a challenge, and other support. There are additional assistance programmes available that can help them through a crisis as well as end the cycle of poverty, and more information on them is below. Or they can find information on inspirational quotes, free counseling sessions in the UK as well as details on Citizen Advice Bureaus.

Assistance for Housing Needs

Many agencies offer homeless prevention services. There are government resources available, such as housing benefits. The vulnerable can also turn to local not-for profits in order to apply for rent schemes or to get other help with paying for private accommodations. If you are struggling with paying your bills, then a combination of grants or other funds can be used to pay for rent, mortgage, or even a deposit. Find details on housing assistance programmes.

Energy and Utility Bills

Energy suppliers and water companies offer assistance to households in an effort to help them keep their service connected. Customers have access to government schemes, discounts, and payment plans. There are programmes available for all types of bills, including electricity, water and gas expenses during the winter months. In addition, various charities as well as local councils may also offer help with paying energy costs to low income families. If you are falling behind on your payments, learn where to turn to for utility bill assistance.

Help from Food Banks

More people and families on a low income are struggling from a reduction in government benefits. Many are turning to food banks for the assistance they need to make it through a crisis. The centres are operated by not-for-profit agencies and churches across the nation, and provide the vulnerable and low income with an emergency box of free food. Other locations also offer meals and basic needs to clients with a referrals. The charities have been effective in helping people that would be faced with hunger. Find information on local food banks.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, just ask us for help and we will do the research for you. Our role is to improve the transparency of benefits and social programmes so that they are available for everyone who qualifies for them.

We will continue to evaluate the latest programmes and grant opportunities that can provide assistance with paying bills to all the citizens of the UK. Whether someone needs free food for their household, help from a rent or deposit scheme, or some other type financial support, we provide the information you need.


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