Trades House of Glasgow aids adoptive parents with cash for food

Parents and custodians of children who struggle with their care may be able to get assistance through The Trades House of Glasgow. This local organisation grants discretionary funds to local families who need extra help.

What is offered?

The Trades House of Glasgow provides support by means of a one-off grant to families that are experiencing hardship. The purpose is to better allow for proper care of the children. The organisation accomplishes this goal through the following two funds:

  • The Drapers Fund–Grants are distributed by the charity in two primary outlets. First, the Manager of the Drapers Fund has discretion to select individual families that shall be granted a sum of money to help to pay for the care of the children. Great focus has been paid in recent years on the caretakers of children after one or both of the biological parents are unable to provide proper care. Grandparents and other parental guardians have been able to receive fund to cover extra food and clothing needs of the children in their care. The second priority of the Drapers Fund is to assist those who have adopted a child. The Trades House of Glasgow distributes an average of £50,000 annually to help families care for children under age 18. Funds are generally approved for immediate needs, including food and clothing for a recently adopted child.
  • The Commonweal Fund–These grants are strictly given to other organisations in Glasgow that help promote the welfare of children.

Applicants who are trying to care for the children of drug addicts are increasingly being selected for cash grants. Funds may be used to purchase additional food and clothing, although other purposes may also be approved by the organisation.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be a Glasgow resident in order to receive consideration for a grant award. Those caring for the children of others, and particularly pensioners that are doing so are encouraged to apply. Children may be those of a relative or through formal adoption.

How to apply

The Trades House of Glasgow receives letters from dozens of applicants on a regular basis. Funds can be disbursed to those who are selected for a grant award based on their expressed need.

A letter must be submitted that provides detailed information about the care of the children and the situation faced by their caretakers. For example, a pensioner that is the sole provider for their grandchild should explain the circumstances that led to the arrangement as well as the financial difficulties faced. The more information that is provided about the situation and the financial needs of the family, the more likely a grant may be awarded to help provide much-needed aid. Letters may be submitted directly to the organisation:

Trades House of Glasgow
Trades Hall
85 Glassford Street
G1 1UH

Potential applicants that have questions about the process may speak with a charity representative at 0141 553 1605.

Raising the children of others can be a difficult financial feat, but this organisation has great admiration for those that take on the challenge. When budget gets in the way of proper care, perhaps a grant to buy food and clothing can help.