Torfaen food bank popularity increasing

The Welsh citizens of Torfaen report that it is increasingly difficult to meet all of the living costs that continue to rise. Many are receiving referrals for aid through the food bank so that they can have some breathing room on expenses.

Eastern Valley Foodbank

The largest food aid provider is the Eastern Valley Foodbank which is located in Pontypool. It is a regional branch of the national Trussell Trust. Trussell Trust administers hundreds of similar food pantries across Britain, and the number keeps growing.

Eastern Valley Foodbank is located at The Hope Centre, Unit 5 Pavillion Estate in Pontnewynydd suburb. This primary distribution centre is open three days weekly. Operating hours may be confirmed by calling 01495 760605.

Ebenezer Evangelical Church

Food aid is also distributed through Ebenezer Evangelical Church in Cwmbran. Volunteers from the church collaborate with Trussell Trust administrators to help ensure that supplies are constantly being replenished for future need.

Ebenezer Evangelical Church is located at the junction of Station Road and Avondale Road. Enquiries are directed to the central hotline at 01495 760605.

Blaenavon Evangelical Church

The Blaenavon Evangelical Church provides a location and volunteers for another food pantry. The Broad Street location is open once per week based on current demand.

Salvation Army

The tireless volunteers of the Salvation Army also provide food assistance to Torfaen’s needy. Most people associate Salvation Army with emergency assistance, particularly during times of serious crisis. While this is true, the organisation also assists families with basic living needs during times of hardship.

The food bank is open weekly on Wesley Street in Old Cwmbran. All enquiries should be placed through the main hotline at 01495 760605.

Victory Church

The Helping Hands Food Bank Scheme is offered by Victory Church of Cwmbran. Food parcels may be picked up at the church on Wednesday mornings. Prior to picking up a food package, clients must first meet with a representative at a Customer Care Centre. The purpose is to ensure that all of the person’s needs are being met.

There are three Customer Care Centres which provide vouchers that are redeemable for food parcels at Victory Church:

  • Blaenavon Customer Centre is located at the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre on Church Road.
  • Cwmbran Customer Centre is at General Rees Square.
  • Pontypool Customer Centre is at the Civic Centre.

More information on the vouchers will be provided by Torfaen County Borough Council. Residents may call Council at 01495 762200.

Despite claims of welfare recipients abusing aid programmes, the food pantry has been utilised by working families who are struggling to afford the rising rents, utilities and taxes associated with living in Torfaen. By requiring that clients first obtain vouchers from social workers, distribution is ensured to only be to qualified residents with a clear need for help.