Suffolk food banks

When facing a crisis, such as hunger, families on a low income in Suffolk County can get help from a food bank. Many residents have been impacted by a redundancy or a reduction in their benefits. Others are struggling with the increasing rental costs in the area and other bills, such as fuel. Receiving a parcel from a foodbank can help individuals free up their income for these other living expenses, and most of the centres provide other assistance, such as signposting, to the needy.

There are several charities, churches, and agencies that provide emergency food parcels. The boxes will have non-perishable items, soup, tea, coffee, and other goods. Much of the food is donated by individuals and sorted by volunteers, so the assistance is limited, and applicants will often need to have a voucher from the council or social worker. This is also true of the Trussell Trust locations in Suffolk County.

The number of times people can turn to a charity for help is limited, as are the hours of the food banks and the amount of groceries that are provided. So only call on one of these centres when in an emergency and are out of other options.

East of England Co-operative Society have become one of the major supporters of the fight against hunger. The East of England Co-op have donation collection points in all of the food stores across Suffolk so that people are able to donate any food for local Foodbanks to their communities.

Additional locations of food banks that have free parcels

Abundant Life Church is part of the Trussell Trust. The address is Back Street, Lakenheath Village, Suffolk IP27 9HF, and call 07711 996 759. They may have up to three days worth of emergency food and volunteers also provide signposting to other benefits and charities.

Another location of this non-profit profit is at Gunton Baptist Church, Montgomery Avenue, Lowestoft, NR32 4DZ, telephone 01502 586216. There will be additional food banks in development in Suffolk from Trussell Trust as well. In addition to a parcel of groceries, volunteers will try to provide signposting services to other financial aid or welfare schemes over a cup of team with the applicant.

Felixstowe Food Bank is for people with a local connection. The not-for-profit may have emergency food parcels, and they operate from a centre at Cobbold Road, Felixstowe. Ring the office at 01394 276502.

Churches, the school and individuals from Bury St Edmunds have partnered together to create a free food bank. Families on a low income, facing a crisis or that have had a reduction in benefits, can get help. There are groceries, fruits, tea, bread, and other grocery items provided while people wait for long term support from social services.

Free meals are also provided from the local churches, and the homeless and people facing poverty use the centres. A voucher and referral is needed to get assistance from the church based food bank, and call 01284 754967 for more information.

Stowmarket Churches Together is another emergency foodbank. It is located at Hillside Community Centre, Hillside, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 2BD, and can be called 07867767916. In an emergency, free parcels are provided to families, as well as the elderly and individuals on a low income.

FIND of Ipswich is for people and families in poverty. The charity is also known as Families in Need, and they have clothing, free food parcels, white goods, furniture, nappies, and other programmes for the low income. A priority is on children, the disabled, elderly, single parents, and the truly vulnerable in Suffolk. To donate or request help, call 01473 833351.

Multiple services are provided by Gatehouse Caring in West Suffolk, including a free food bank. The charity will also provide the disadvantaged with Day Centre for a meal or companionship, coordinate job training, and assist the disabled. The food parcels will have non-perishable items, soups, hot meals for the homeless, and even Christmas meat and food. Another key programme is the Furniture Re-Use /Recycling Project, which is for residents on benefits. The Gatehouse is located at Bury St Edmunds, and telephone is 01284 754967.

Welfare is provided by the county council. This is available as the result of funds being sent to the local governments. For individuals  in a crisis as well as people facing poverty and on a low income, they can get free food, baby nappies, and more. The scheme can also provide for other needs such as clothing or a voucher to a nearby food bank for an emergency supply of goods. Find more details and how to apply for Local Welfare Assistance in Suffolk.