Emergency help from Staffordshire Local Crisis Support Scheme

Residents of Staffordshire that are threatened with a crisis and that are also on a low income or receive government benefits may be able to get help from the Local Crisis Support Scheme. The county council created this programme in an effort to help the vulnerable address an emergency situation.

Any assistance provided is only for those on benefits, or that are facing an exceptional pressure or one-off crisis. The council will review each application on merit, and there are no guarantees to receiving any type of support. However, for those that are found eligible, they may receive free food or a voucher. The council can also arrange for furniture or white goods to be provided to the household to help them resettle, or the formerly homeless can receive items for a new home in Staffordshire.

The Local Crisis Support Scheme will not give clients new goods. In fact, most of what is offered from the welfare service will be second hand items, and it can be from a local charity or a recycling centre. Many well off people from the community will also even contribute to the scheme in order to give back to families facing poverty. However, the council has selected the source of furniture or other items that are provided, so this should help ensure quality. Another benefit of this is the scheme will assist companies local to Staffordshire, as it gives them additional business.

Needs addressed from Staffordshire crisis scheme

The aid provided can also include food, and this can help those families and residents threatened by hunger. As part of the scheme, the Staffordshire will normally provide a voucher that a client can use for obtaining a parcel at the local food bank.

People seeking food will often need other basic items, such as shoes or clothes. In these cases, the scheme can often help as well. So families will be provided these items too. This will only be for emergency situations though.

Many other goods or vouchers are provided too. They include furniture such as bedding for a new home. There is also white goods like fridges or cookers. While the furniture items are provided, they will normally be second hand items as noted above. However the council will do its best to ensure everything is still high quality.

Another benefit of this local crisis support scheme is that the Staffordshire County council partners with other charities and organisations to provide free advice and referrals. So they often work together to offer other support to the individual, whether that is with budgeting, accessing private sector housing, or help in maximizing income. So many services are provided.

Aim of the local scheme

The council and its partners will help people make it through the crisis, and assist them with continuing to live independently. As an example, a homeless person will often not have the money to pay for goods for their home, so the items from the scheme can help with that need. Others are struggling to pay for food due to benefit changes, so that is another emergency service.

The Local Crisis Support Scheme is for the most vulnerable and is the local welfare progamme. There is help for people with no other access to items and no money to pay for them. Awards can also be given to those that are ill or homelessness, or food vouchers to the hungry. In some case, the items awarded can be delivered directly to the client.

Funds are for applicants with no other options available, so the family or individual can’t have any other sources of assistance, whether it is a friend, local charity, or family member. So help, such as a voucher, is a last resort and is at the discretion of the council only. The scheme is intended to address¬†emergency situations only, and not that that regularly need help. So if the individual continues to struggle, the council may refer the applicant to another organisation to address the underlying issue that needs attention, such as maybe budgeting help.

For more information on the scheme, call the council customer centre at at 0300 111 8008 or they can dial the dedicated line at 0300 111 8000. If the council can’t meet the needs, or if an award is not issued, then referrals may be given to people to another not-for profit organisation that can provide help and support to the needy.


Maxine moore says:

Hi, I have been referred to by Staffordshire council for the local crisis scheme. As I have had to make a new claim for income support and child tax credits. They have said it can take up to 14 days until sorted out.
I have 3 children; youngest 4. I have no money, no food, no electricity or gas and there is nothing they can do to help me. Please can you help me?