Housing and deposit schemes from St Giles Trust

Several different housing assistance programmes and schemes are administered by St Giles Trust in London. The charity is a leading organisation for helping the homeless, vulnerable, and youth in the greater London area. The volunteers and staff are committed to resettling individuals into new, private accommodations.

Many people and families that have low income struggle to pay the deposit or rent in advance on a new private rented accommodation. Many local landlords will require four or more weeks or rent payment in order to move into the new accommodation located in London. So it is often challenging to pay that security deposit, and this is especially true for that that are receiving the housing benefit.

As a form of assistance, the church offers a Rent Advance Loan Scheme to eligible tenants. In addition to that, the coalition will also have a Damage Guarantee Scheme available to those tenants that are found to be eligible. More details on these services are below.

A bridge loan from St Giles Trust will be made to the landlord of the accommodation. This will in effect pay for up to one months of rent of the tenant. It will cover that critical expense that many families struggle with paying.

This is what the Rent Advance Loan Scheme does. Any funds will be made to the landlord. Note this will need to be repaid by the tenant, as it is a loan. It covers the expenses that are eligible for the Housing Benefit/LHA. So the landlord will need to give the deposit back to St Giles Trust once the tenant has met all terms and conditions.

These funds can be very effective as the tenants Local Housing Allowance or Housing Benefit can’t be used by an individuals before they move into their new accommodation. It also takes time to process that benefit, so paying the deposit is very challenging for many people. This is when the St Giles Trust scheme can be most valuable.

Those who receive assistance with their security deposit will also receive other advice, such as on employment and budgeting or information on loans that pay rent. This will often be coordinated with local councils. So the tenant can have some ongoing support which should help them main their new home in the future.

The second programme protects against damage to the home. It is usually effective for up to 6 months. This is the Deposit Guarantee Damage and Against to Property Scheme. There are many terms and restriction to this, including the guarantee is limited to the amount noted in the lease agreement or contract.

So this will in effect limit the landlord’s possible downside and exposure. They can then have more confidence that the tenant will maintain the property and ensure the home is kept up to standards. In other words the guarantee scheme from the church will encourage renting to a formerly homeless person.

More information on those schemes, housing resources and programmes can be obtained by calling the St Giles Trust. A volunteer from the London charity can offer free advise on this or other possible solutions. The goal of the coalition and their services is to limit homelessness in the area. The phone number for more information is 020 7703 7000.