SSE financial assistance schemes

SSE is made up of several different energy and water providers. The company, which is known as Scottish and Southern Energy, can help people apply for government schemes including the Warm Home Discount. They also offer subsidized grants as well as free advice and financial assistance for paying any bill that is in arrears as part of the Priority Assistance Fund.

Families on a low income as well as the vulnerable can get help from SSE. The applicant needs to be receiving their water or energy service from one of the companies including Scottish Hydro, Southern Electric, SSE Airtricity, SWALEC, or SSE Atlantic. All of the measures offered are for either paying water or energy bills for those customers that are in some type of financial hardship.

The most holistic, as well as wide ranging programme is the SSE Priority Assistance Fund. It aims to help those individuals or families that are in debt with their utility bills. There may be some grants to pay some of the arrears on water or fuel, and the Fund will also address other needs of the customer.

The Priority Assistance Fund is holistic in nature. This means not only will it cover any water or electricity bills that are in arrears, but it gives advice as well as support to help those living in fuel poverty. SSE will be sure the household is provides free information on how to conserve energy or reduce the use of water. It also addresses the total household budget, including showing people how to budget, manage their bills, and take other action.

Free energy efficiency measures can also be available from the Assistance Fund. As cutting back on how much heat or electricity is used will make future bills easier to pay. The Scotland based company may offer free insulation or gas boilers to those families that are eligible. The Energyline is also effective at helping customers save all the money they can on their water and energy bills. Ring 0800 072 7201 for tips.

SSE customers that receive a means tested benefit (such as JobSeekers Allowance, Housing, Universal Credit, etc.) or people over the age of 70 can apply for Subsidised Grants. This is also an energy efficiency scheme. It is aimed at helping those customers, who are more than likely on a low income, save even more money on their utility bills. The grants can provide them with water meters, insulation, new heating systems, appliances, and much more.

Government schemes for SSE customers

The main option is the Warm Home Discount scheme. This is for the vulnerable, including people with a disability, senior citizens, the sick, and others. All of the various SSE companies, including Southern Electric and Atlantic, will give the customer a rebate on their electricity bills. The amount of the rebate is set by the government each year, but it normally ranges from between £100 to £180.

Most people will need to apply. However there are exceptions made for Core Group customers. Those SSE customers will not to to apply for the Discount Scheme. Instead they will be given a rebate on their account each and every year. Individuals who are part of the Core Group include individuals in the Pension Credit. This is mostly for older people.

Free benefit advice is given too. Someone from SSE (or one of their partners) will go over all of the government schemes that are out there. Whether it is a housing allowance, fuel bill scheme, credit union loans, or some other options, SSE benefit advice may help. The sick, elderly, and disabled can also care the Careline at 0800 622 838, and a specialist will review their energy usage as well as nay government schemes they may benefit from.

For more information on any of the schemes or financial assistance programmes for SSE customers, ring the company at 0800 975 7771. Or call them to learn how to conserve energy or water.