Severn Trent Trust Fund grant programmes

Grants and financial assistance from the Severn Trent Trust Fund can be used for a wide variety of expenses. The focus is on low income families and people facing a crisis. While the programme can help with paying water costs, money may be used for a number of other bills as part of their Further Assistance programme. The goal of the charity and its trustees is help people and families emerge from poverty.

Donations from its parent company, the Severn Trent Water Limited, are used to keep the charity operating as well pay for the grant programme that is administered. There can also be contributions from managers, employees, other utility companies, and even local volunteers. Many individuals have used the generously donated funds to pay down debts or water bills and keep their service connected.

As noted, aid is offered for water bills. If you can’t pay the costs of your service and live in the Severn Trent Area, then assistance may be offered. More details on the application process is below. In addition, the trust will also provide help to other organisations that offer debt advice to consumers. So both individuals and consumers can therefore apply for help.

Any applications for a grant will be reviewed by independent Trustees. They will ensure that the funds go to eligible individuals, families, or even not-for-profit organisations in the area. They also work closely with partners such as Auriga Services Ltd. on the programme requirements. Note that any funds issued are done solely at the discretion of the Trustees depending on the person’s application, so there are guarantees.

Additional help is offered as part of Further Assistance. Since the main goal of the Severn Trent Trust Fund is to tackle poverty, it is done in many different ways. They try to help those who have the inability to pay their bills on their own. While most of the financial aid goes for paying water bills or related utility costs, there can be in some cases grants issued for other needs.

In some limited cases, the Trustees will address other needs or bills. Grants may therefore be made available as part of Further Assistance where Severn Trent Trust can see that it will make a significant impact for a person or their family. Examples of when it may help include to help people in distress or provide them with funds to pay for essential household expenses or bill. The funds can be used to help people combat challenges they are faced with. There may be support offered in the quest for employment and stability as well.

The charity has been operating for many years and has assisted thousands of families since then. Many people that have been experiencing a short term hardship with their bills, whether water or other, have been able to get some form of financial help. A number of individuals have been able to pay offer their debts and exist poverty using the grants from the not-for profit.

Note that all resources are very limited. The demand on the Severn Trent Trust Fund is very great, mostly due to the weak economy and high levels of poverty. It also relies strictly on donations to continue to operate. To ensure the grants issued are put to the best use, the trustees will review each application closely in an effort to ensure the money is used wisely.

If someone does not qualify for help with paying their water costs, the Severn Trent Water may offer them other payment options or solutions. For more information on all of these options, the post is Severn Trent Trust Fund, Freeost RLZE – EABT – SHSA, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1TJ. Telephone: 0121 355 7766.


Sandra Lewis says:

Your charity of Severn Trent Trust has been passed on to me via a lovely person via the council. My brother had no benefits since August of last year. Hence he has got into major arrears with his rent/council tax. He failed to go for a medical assessment at five ways, either because he had a medical problem which is ongoing.
He has perforated ear drums/no money for the bus. The council have the bailiffs on his case to which I am corresponding with them.
He has today applied for benefits, we also have filled in an application for ESA. But can Severn Trent Trust offer him a grant, as I pay his water rates. My sister pays his TV licence. I fear the worst as he may lose his home.
The doctor has sent details to the necessary department to be seen about his hearing loss. I have been supplying him with food and electric as had no heating for a long while as this is via gas supply. Many Thanks.