Salvation Army Warwickshire social services

The Salvation Army, Christian church charity in Warwickshire runs the Way Ahead Project. This is a homeless prevention scheme that is open at a drop in centre. It provides assistance in the form of free food, job training and employment, vouchers, and other services for the poor. The aim is to help clients address anti-social behaviors or get out of poverty/homelessness.

Only some of the assistance are available at the drop in centre in Warwickshire. Many of the clients need support in ways that the Salvation Army can’t supply. In those cases, the church will link them to what is needed. Case workers also help them complete forms and apply for financial assistance for paying their bills, rent, and more. They include:

  • -Form filling for welfare benefits, Universal Credit, Local Housing Allowances, and rent deposits from the Warwickshire council. Government support can assist the poor who are in a crisis.
  • -Free advice on dealing with the big 6 electricity and gas companies, including help in applying for payment plans, Winter Fuel Payment schemes, and other aid.
  • -Family tracing to reconnect families and help them get support from others.
  • -Ministry and services for the poor and destitute.
  • -Linkage to second hand furniture schemes, including from the not-for-profit Helping Hands Community Project which has a telephone of 07540310139.

The Warwickshire Salvation Army also has information on other charities in the town and county. They partner with other groups to help the needy get the support they need. Some of the other groups they work with that provide hostels, financial help, and more include Crisis Skylight, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, and Helping Hands. The church also works with the police department on a drug support scheme.

Food is accepted at the Salvation Army. People across Warwickshire donate items, including in date groceries, food, perishable items, and more. The Salvation Army then passes these goods out to the needy in the community, so they do not go hungry. The poor, older people, children, and others can get groceries for their home.
Anyone who needs a parcel of free food needs a voucher though from another agency, including GPs, the council, social workers, or teachers. All the food is given as part of the Trussell Trust voucher system, and usually 3 days is provided.

Warwickshire Salvation Army hostels and shelters are available for the homeless and people sleeping rough. Anyone using the location needs to pay some of the costs as rent, but a local housing allowance/benefit can cover that expense too. The rent cost is less than £10 per week, but the amount can be reduced if there is a good reason for it.

Most of the emergency lodging is done at the Eden Villa hostel. A small café is on site for the 10-12 people who are normally in the shelter. Therefore, the homeless get a place to sleep as well as often a hot meal too. They can also learn about other housing assistance in the UK.

A drug support scheme is provided by the Salvation. They work with the police to help substance abusers, individuals on drugs or alcohol, and other addictions. Many users are also in poverty, so the drug support scheme can be combined with hostels, food, and employment programmes as part of Way Ahead Project.

The Way Ahead Project, and other services from the Salvation Army, are from their centre at 1A Chapel Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 1EJ. The number to ring is 01926 883613.