Rochdale grants from the Discretionary Crisis Fund

The Rochdale council provides various forms of assistance to residents on a low income that are facing a hardship. One of the solutions, the Discretionary Crisis Fund, can provide awards for different household expenses, and this is for the council to decide. In addition, there are other programme available for assistance and they include furniture, food vouchers or referrals to not-for profit support agencies that operate both in Rochdale and across Greater Manchester.

Any type of welfare payments from the Discretionary Crisis Fund are for families or individuals that have no other options available to them and they are faced with a one time hardship. There will not be grants provided to those living in chronic poverty, but they can receive referrals.

Another key criteria is that the council will provide goods such as household items, vouchers to a food banks, meals, and similar items. It would be very rare for people in Rochdale to receive cash as part of this scheme, however the council will assess each application to determine the award to provide.

Application process for funds

There are many, and if the applicant has questions, they can call the customer support centre at the number below. The council will require referrals in many cases, and this will be for people that are trying to resettle into a new home, such as the formerly homeless or those leaving care. Referrals must be made by the agency that the person is working with on their housing problems.

The Discretionary Crisis Fund can also provide financial help to the disabled or those with a health care condition, but in these cases a letter is needed from the hospital that was giving the care to the applicant. Or the individual can get a referral from their doctor if that is a better option for them.

There are also grants for women escaping from domestic violence, ex-offenders, and victims of crimes. Individuals waiting for their benefits can also get assistance. In each of these situations, proof of that will need to be provided to the Rochdale council. This as well can come from the agency that the person is working with on their hardship.

How the Rochdale Borough Council can help

First, any funds paid out are at the discretion of the council. They are not obligated to provide any help, and the uses of the awards from the council are also at their discretion. Some of the examples of the assistance provided are as follows.

  • Household energy and fuel bills, including connection costs.
  • Food can be provided by the Discretionary Crisis Fund, and this can be a parcel or a voucher to a local not-for profit food bank distribution site.
  • One off travel expenses can be paid by a grant.
  • Victims of a disaster can get help for furniture, clothing, housing, or food.

Referrals as part of the Rochdale Council services

The welfare fund is limited in the amount and types of awards that can be provided. Examples of the uses of the money is above, but there is also other help in the borough as well if the applicant is either denied or needs other support. Some of the key partners in the region include the following.

  • Petrus Community Store as well as the Salvation Army Furniture Shop on Haynes Street. These will offer second hand furniture to people.
  • The Discretionary Housing Payment in Rochadale is what can assist with rent arrears or housing payments, and more information is at 0300 303 8870.
  • Low income families that need deposits can ring the Bond Board at 0844 811 1074.
  • Free food is from Trussell Trust at 8 South Parade Rochdale, and a voucher can be provided by the council.

There are many other grant programmes, both locally in Rochdale and across the UK. Not-for-profit or charity organisations operate many of these schemes, and they can often be combined with welfare payments as part of the Discretionary Crisis Fund. The low income can learn more on these grants for paying living expenses.

So the council can refer residents to any of those or other schemes. For more information or to apply, call the council at 01706 532222. There are also free phones at many locations, such as libraries in the borough.