Recurring grants in Galashiels provided by R S Hayward Trust

The R S Hayward Trust provides a necessary lifeline to longtime Galashiels residents who are no longer working. Best of all, the grants are recurring.

What is offered?

Grants are provided to individuals who are no longer employed and who need a bit of help with household bills, including rent, utilities, food, medicine and clothing. Grants are recurring, so that those who need it can continue to benefit from the regular support.

The average grant award is £8 per week. While that may sound small in comparison to a big bill like rent, it does add up. With an average grantee receiving over £34 per month, this is the type of assistance that can help a struggling person meet their monthly obligations. Unlike the vast majority of individual grant awards made by other charities, this one is recurring, so each recipient may count on the support for a very long period of time depending on their needs.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who worked in Galashiels for a period of at least 10 years may be eligible for the grant awards once they are no longer working. Permanently retired workers may receive funding.

Anyone incapacitated that can no longer work may apply. Workers who are permanently or temporarily incapacitated may each qualify. Wives and widows of workers are also eligible for these individual and recurring grant awards.

What can funds be used for?

There are no stipulations for how funds are applied to living costs. Many recipients choose to apply the funds towards their monthly rent payment. Others use it to pay an electric bill.

The purpose is to provide extra assistance to long-term Galashiels residents who chose to work in the town but are not presently working. It is a token of appreciation to one lifelong Galashiels resident who wanted to give back to the community whom he cared for so much.

Who was Robert S. Hayward?

The benefactor of the R S Hayward foundation was Robert S. Hayward, a partner of the Gala Mill which was originally built in 1826. Upon Robert’s retirement from the business, he created the R S Hayward Charitable Trust in order to permanently provide for the residents of Galashiels. Hayward first granted 35 acres at Netherdale to the town. The trust was the sole recipient of his estate when he died in 1963.

Hayward instructed the trustees to utilise the proceeds of the trust for the benefit of Galashiels townspeople. Therefore, the R S Hayward Charitable Trust provides support to those who have dedicated their lives to the economy and community of Galashiels.

How to apply

In order to apply for ongoing grants, an applicant may submit a letter of enquiry to the trustees:

R S Hayward Trust
c/o Pike & Chapman Solicitors
36 Bank Street

Telephone enquiries may also be made by calling 01896 752379.