Plymouth emergency grants and welfare scheme

Vulnerable families in Plymouth can receive financial help from different versions of welfare. There are three main components available in the city, and more information on each is below. In general, the schemes are aimed at assisting low income families that are threatened by a short term crisis.

The council administers the welfare scheme in the city. They will use government funding in order to help a vulnerable family that is local to Plymouth. They may offer support such as food, furniture, or funds for travel expenses. In some cases a pre-paid fuel card can be provided for energy bills, with a focus on heating costs during the winter. Any assistance is at their discretion, but in the past they have provided as much as £1000 in goods or cash to a resident that is eligible.

One option is the Plymouth Community Care Grant. This is for families that have a tenancy agreement in place with a landlord in the city of Plymouth. The individual could be currently living in the home or flat, or they could be in the process of moving to it.

Any assistance will be used for household goods. The Plymouth emergency grants and welfare scheme may give the client furniture, such as bedding, fridges, cookers, washing machines or some other appliance. There can also be help in paying for a rent deposit if the family has a source of income. Other support can also be offered if the council decides.

Community Care Grants are also generally offered for individuals with no other options available to them and that are threatened with a safety crisis. In most cases the goods will be given directly to the applicant, but in some cases the council will offer a pre-paid card for the person to shop with for the designated items. If after applying, the team from the council may check up on the applicant to confirm the need.

The council also includes Hardship Payments as part of their welfare scheme. This is for people local to Plymouth that have had their Job Seekers Allowance stopped. The applicant will also need to be under exceptional financial pressure and lack food, heat, or have some other need.

Vulnerable individuals can get help for certain bills as part of the Hardship component. Another priority is on helping children in the city of Plymouth. To learn more, contact a Jobcentre Plus center (phone 03456 088545) or call the council at the number below.

Crisis payments are also provided in Plymouth. The council has the greatest flexibility when offering this form of financial assistance. The application process is also strict, and proof of income, the emergency, and more is needed. The scheme will also only help people on a low income or benefits that are over the age of 16.

The grant that is provided from a Crisis Payment will normally be in the form of a voucher. Rarely will cash be given. The funds can be used to pay for travel or acquire a parcel of food. The council will also help with utility connection costs if the household is out of heat. Other uses of the welfare scheme can be to pay for clothing, expenses for a child, or anything that threatens their overall health or safety.

Plymouth emergency and welfare scheme is usually for someone that was low income and was also faced by a financial emergency. If an individual is struggling to pay for daily living expenses, they can check with the council on applying for welfare. Before doing this, the individual needs to be out of resources and have no savings available. So the council will only consider helping people in an emergency that has no where else to turn to. Call 0800 694 0133.