Grants for the disabled and senior from Percy Bilton Charity

Grants are available from a charity known as Percy Bilton for people on a low income with a disability or that are over the age of 65. Individuals that are found eligible for financial aid from the trustees can receive up to £200, and the free money can be used for a number of household items.

In order to apply for assistance from the Percy Bilton charity, the person must seek a referral from a social worker, nurse, or a doctor that is within their county or borough. Some councils or local government authorities may also be able to provide this referral. Those care workers will need to submit an application to the charity on behalf of the individual in financial need, so this grant is not provided directly to individuals. There are also other eligibility conditions that need to be met, but one piece of good news is that the charity provides help across the entire U.K.

The funds will only be available to individuals on a low income or that are living in poverty. Applicants also need to be over the age of 65 or have some type of disability, which can include a mental health problem. The cash provided as part of the award can only pay for a limited number of bills and household items as well.

When applying for a grant, personal information will need to be provided by the applicant’s social worker to the charity. This will include income, assets, proof of age if a senior and details on the disability. All of this will be kept confidential, but it is required in order to have the opportunity to receive an award from that charity.

Examples of what Percy Bilton Charity will pay for

The money can pay for essential household items of the low income. This can be heating or cooling appliances. The grants can also pay for clothing, especially to keep an older person warm during the winter. There are also furniture items available from the Percy Bilton Charity, and that may be beds, floor items, furniture for people resettling and more. Depending on the income and the cost of the goods, the charity will provide up to £200 towards those expenses.

In dire circumstances, there may be approvals provided for other uses of the free money, but in these cases a pre-paid card will usually be provided. As an example, electric wheelchairs will usually cost more than £200, but the charity may decide to pay a portion of that bill, or maybe for part of the repairs to heating equipment such as a boiler. So senior citizens can benefit from partial payments too.

Awards are issued as a form of on one off financial aid to those with an urgent need. Also, any assistance is only provided at most once every 12 months, and people should not apply more often than that.

The Percy Bilton charity organisation will only help the elderly or disabled on a low income that are out of options and have no other resources available, so individuals should have applied for other programmes first. They will also need to prove that they have applied for council schemes, other charities, or even government benefits and employment funds first.

If after applying, if the trustees from the charity find someone eligible, they will send them an award letter as well as a cheque for the items they need. There will be conditions for which the funds can be used, so that is why Percy Bilton Charity will sometimes provide a voucher instead of cash.

To request an application or apply, social workers can contact the Percy Bilton Charity. The post is Bilton House, 7 Culmington Road, Ealing, London, W13 9NB, and telephone number to ring is 020 8579 2829. Referrals will be needed and individuals can’t apply on their own.