Oxfordshire rent deposit assistance schemes

Oxfordshire residents that are struggling to pay a deposit or maybe a rent in advance cost that is due have options available to them. More information is below on how to get assistance, but some of the services range from the Home Choice Scheme to bond guarantees, and a local housing authority can review different deposit programmes with prospective tenants.

In addition to council support, there are charities that can also be contacted. The organisations can often provide temporary housing to the homeless and vulnerable, and this will allow guests time to save a portion of their income for a future deposit. The Oxfordshire charities will also address other needs, such as signpost to housing benefits, offer food to the guests of the shelter, and more. The charities are available for young people, substance mis-users, and other vulnerable residents.

One benefit of contacting the Oxfordshire council’s is they have information on private landlords that participate in the rent deposit schemes, and the housing teams will offer other advice as well for sustaining a tenancy. So various services are available to the low income.

Abingdon Bride is a charity that provides counselling and support for people under the age of 26. Clients can learn about housing benefits and job training, and this can help the young Oxfordshire County person find stable housing and get off the streets. The address is 27 Bridge Street in Abingdon, or call 01235 522375. Many rough sleepers under the age of 26 are placed into housing from the scheme.

City of Oxford Home Choice scheme is for individuals that are homeless, or on the brink of it, if they have a referral from the Councils Duty Officer. The aim is to keep people off the streets of Oxford, or if they need to move into a shelter, then limit their time there.

As part of this scheme, the city council will provide a bond for a rent deposit. It can be combined with any government housing benefits as well, and this assistance is for a tenant that needs to move to a more affordable home, or it is for an applicant that is currently homeless and needs to find some form of accommodations. Any type of deposit help is provided by the council along with advice and ongoing tenancy support services. The council address is St Aldgate’s Chambers, 109-113 St Aldgate’s, Oxford, OX1 1DS. Call 01865 249811 for information, or find details on the City of Oxford rent deposit scheme and how it can help.

Lord Mayor’s is for Oxfordshire County families, and the staff will help people apply for a housing benefit as well as a deposit guarantee scheme. It is for people in the private rented sector, that have no savings, and are on benefits. Eligible individuals will be provided a bond for up to one month worth of rental expenses, if the landlord agrees to participate. More information is at 109-113 St Aldgate’s, Chambers, St Aldgate’s, Oxford, OX1 1EN. Read more Lord Mayor’s scheme deposit scheme.

Oxford Homeless Pathways provides a drop in centre for the homeless as well as short term accommodations from the O’Hanlon House Day Service. Clients can get free housing advice, help in resettling, and referrals to deposit schemes, hostels, and more. Luther Street, Oxford, OX1 1UL, call 01865 304601, or find more details on Homeless Pathways in Oxford.

South Oxfordshire Council runs a scheme for residents in the district. For people that did have a decent tenant history in the past, but that are now homeless, a rent deposit scheme may be an option. Applicants need to be local to the district and be on benefits or have a low income. The council will also work with the individual on fast tacking their housing benefits, and help the client locate a home in the private sector (PRS). This is in addition to deposit assistance, and call the council to make an appointment to the deposit scheme in South Oxfordshire.

Residents of the Vale of White Horse district can get a guarantee on a deposit due for a private sector accommodation, and this is in lieu to cash. Once a home has been selected, the council can assist people that have applied and that have completed a Pre-Tenancy Determination. The council will only provide a limited amount of “insurance” for the deposit from this guarantee. The client needs to come up with extra money for the balance of the rent.

A bond that last for up to 12 months will be issued to the tenant, and it can cover usually up to one month worth of housing payments, however the housing officer from the Vale will decide this. This is only for people on a low income, youth or homeless. The Rent Office will also offer advice and ongoing tenant assistance, as well as practical support such as furniture. Post is Abbey House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, OX14 3JE, phone 01235 520202, or read more Vale of White Horse deposit scheme.

West Oxfordshire Council will assist with the deposit on an affordable home. If the property does not meet the criteria set by the council, then assistance will only be provided up to the Local Housing Allowance amount, and any extra rent in advance costs will need to be paid by the applicant. This aid is only for people over the age of 18, that are in the West Oxfordshire district, and that meet income limits.

There may also be loans available in West Oxfordshire for either the rent in advance or a deposit. These two schemes will help residents access private housing in the district. The council will also inspect the property and offer other help. The Housing Services Department is at Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney, Oxon, OX28 5FR, telephone 01993 861000, or find information on West Oxfordshire deposit and loan schemes.