North Somerset Welfare Provision Scheme

Families that are on a low income and local to North Somerset can receive assistance from the welfare provision scheme. This will provide short term financial aid to residents in a crisis or that are struggling to maintain their independence in the local community. Any grants provided by the council are at their discretion and individuals that are local to the district will not be guaranteed any help.

Terms of welfare provision in North Somerset

Using money from the government, the council implemented this scheme to serve as a safety net for people threatened by a crisis. It is meant to serve short term needs only. At most, families in the district can apply for welfare twice per year. However the funding may run out based on demand, and when that occurs, no additional assistance will be provided.

The scheme is discretionary in nature. Any grants provided will vary depending on circumstances of the applicant, including their income and exact needs. In some cases the North Somerset council will decide to issue a loan to the family instead of the grant. If the council has funding, and if the applicant is found to be eligible for an award, then the scheme may give them support.

Another aim of the council is to provide for basic needs such as clothing or food. If there is someone from the area that needs assistance to continue to live at home and not go into an institution, then welfare can assist with that as well. These are only examples of what grants can be used for. If someone needs other support they can still apply and the council may offer help for that specific expense.

Another use of the local welfare provision scheme is to help households that were impacted by a disaster such as a flood. In these cases the council will either offer a grant that is used to buy new furniture, or they will give the client the items themselves. Other examples of goods can be cookers, beds, white goods, heaters, and more.

The North Somerset Welfare Provision Scheme can also help with housing payments. This is part of DHP, which is combined into welfare in the district. There is a limited amount available for this and the funds will be used to top off any benefit payments that tenants may already be receiving.

Application process

Welfare is meant to be a programme of last resort in the district. So if a bill needs to be paid, then the person should have explored payment plans with say a fuel supplier or tried other charity schemes first. Proof of this will be needed by the council.

First, note that the council will only accept application over the phone, and the number is below. It goes without saying that the individual of course needs to be local to North Somerset. They also need to be age 16 or older.

Income thresholds are in place too. Not only will the individuals seeking a grant need to be on a low income, but in general they also need to be receiving benefits. They also can’t have access to money from friends, family, or any savings.

To learn more or apply, call the council at 01934 888 035. The free phone number is 0800 138 5665. Applications are accepted five days per week but the council will need time to review them and issue an award. If the applicant is not eligible, then referrals are given to other schemes.