North Lanarkshire food banks

One of the most extensive food bank networks has been established to help the people of North Lanarkshire fight hunger. While nothing may completely eradicate shortages in every household, these food distribution charities are making a huge dent in a growing problem.

Each service has rules that govern the amount of food that is handed out to each resident. There are also helpful stipulations that ensure that those who need additional help beyond simple food aid get the social services assistance that they really need. A simple voucher system is commonly used to make sure that each resident has been referred from a local care professional or agency.

In order to find out what is required to obtain assistance, most organisations recommend that a person call in advance rather than drop in. This ensures that they understand the requirements to receive aid. It also is a good idea, since most locations are only open for a few hours on certain days.

Basics Food Bank is administered by volunteers who believe in taking a Christian approach to helping others. They give a few hours each week to the cause so that others may get food when they are hungry. In December 2014, the organisation received six tonnes of donated food items, making this one of the most widely supported aid organisations in North Lanarkshire.

Trussell Trust is a national charity that supports food charities locally. They partner with local affiliates who encourage donations and then distribute the aid to those who need it. The Airdrie Foodbank provides aid through a couple of distribution centres.

These are the distribution points located throughout North Lanarkshire.

  • In Airdrie the Excelsior Stadium is one site of the Airdrie Foodbank. Residents may call on 01236 793493 to confirm operating hours on Wednesdays and Fridays. A second location at the Pilgrim Community Centre is operated by Basics Food Bank, which includes directions to the Cairnhill Road site on the vouchers that are provided by the Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau or Social Work. Additional details are available on email [email protected]
  • The Bellshill Food Bank was initiated by Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre, which has for years hosted a low cost Food Coop. Calls to ONC may be made on 01698 842215. The donation distribution service is a new addition to this organisation.
  • In Calderbank the Calderbank Parish Church of Scotland is located on Main Street. This location is typically open only on Mondays. Calls on 01236 793493 are answered by Airdrie Foodbank.
  • The Coatbridge Foodbank is based on 25 Coatbank Street. Telephone is 07804 418355. While vouchers are required for a parcel pickup, no referral is necessary to attend the weekly coffee every Thursday morning at Tesco Extra. Larger than normal food hampers are provided by this organisation which should last a family for a full week. Coatbridge Baptist Church on West Canal Street has voiced its support for providing assistance also.
  • The Cumbernauld Town Centre is the site of Cornerstones Church, which hosts the Bethlehem House of Bread. Calls on 07737 999104 are recommended to confirm operating hours. Pick ups are on 1 Esk Walk. The Cumbernauld Free Church hosts the mobile Food Connect service. Calls on 01236 591492 are recommended prior to visiting 140 Kilbowie Road since the service is mobile. Emergency aid is provided by Salvation Army on Clouden Road. Telephone is 01236 723195.
  • Kilsyth Community Food Bank on Low Craigends is committed to the cause. Enquiries on 0800 978 8701 are welcome.
  • The Motherwell centre is administered by Basics Food Bank, at the Maranatha Centre on Glencairn Street. Enquiries are welcome on email [email protected] or telephone 07708 181347.
  • The Shotts location on Kirk Road is also managed by Basics Food Bank. It is based at Dykehead Mission. Enquiries on 07708 181347 are encouraged.
  • In Wishaw the Baptist Church is on Belhaven Terrace. This Basics Food Bank centre can be reached on telephone 07708 181347. Coltness Memorial Church provides assistance on 5 Kirkgate. Calls on 07400 189398 can confirm details about this centre.


SkillForce Class says:

Hi, we are a group of sixth years students at a local High school in North Lanarkshire and we would like to get involved with a local community based project. We will carry out a food collection within our school and write to local companies for larger donations.

This is part of our 24 hours To Make A Difference award which has Prince William as the Royal Patron.

Yours faithfully,

SkillForce class (Bellshill)